Chapter One : Revived


I groaned at the familiar sound and looked around, my vision blurry no matter how many times I blinked.

“James!” The high wails of my mother's voice made me wince. I could make out her shape as she hurtled to me. A sharp pain flared in my chest, my strangled noise made her back off. Behind her I could see a figure that had to be my dad. No doubt he was glaring at me for causing my mother yet another scare and being “Melodramatic”. He didn't even attempt to understand.

“Hi,” I said. Taking in my surroundings. This wasn't one of the emergency rooms, or a ward I recognised.

“You were in a coma honey, it's been two months. The doctors had almost given up hope when your brain activity suddenly spiked," mum explained, her voice growing more emotional as she spoke. I felt a little bad. I'd meant to die quickly, instead I would've given my parents months of hanging on before they had to turn off a machine.

“Yes, it's quite remarkable really, especially considering the brain damage, somehow you have managed a remarkably rare and miraculous recovery.” I looked to my other side and a realised a guy in a white coat was there.

“All your senses seem to working. Though it may take some time until they're working completely. If you still have issues we'll have to look into them of course. But based on my observation so far. You're fine.” The doctor rattled on again about the amazement of it all and I drowned it all. I guess angels would be powerful enough to bring a person back to life near 100%.

“How long do I have to stay here?” I asked, interrupting the conversation between the doctor and my mum. My vision had returned almost fully and I could make out mum's curly hair and dad's stoic facial expression, his glasses perched on his nose.

“Oh, erm, we need to do some more observations and test to be sure you're fine. Whilst you were under most of the more traumatic injuries have healed. Even your spine survived the whole thing well. But you will be walking on crutches for a while I suspect. It shouldn't be more than a few weeks. Then outpatient appointments and check-ups will take over. You will also need to see a psychiatrist. I'm sure you understand the reason why.” He added extra emphasis to the last part and I rolled my eyes.

“Show more respect James,” dad muttered angrily, having seen my gesture. Of course, he doesn't say anything when mum and the doctor are glad I'm alive, but tells me off about correct manners. The doctor looked from me to my dad and make a quick excuse to leave.

“The doctors seem to think you've survived so well because of willpower. Is that true?” mum asked, sitting on the bed and taking my hand in hers. I knew what she was asking. Would I stop trying to kill myself now. I looked over her shoulder at my dad, he had our backs to us and was muttering wildly into the phone. Of course, business always came first.

“I'll try,” I said. The same thing I always said, we both knew it was a lie. But she nodded gratefully and hugged me. Of course this time though, it wasn't. Though seeing as it was a coma it could've been a bizarre dream. It would've been easy enough to create a character like Darius, in fact most of his expressions and tones matched my father's.

Two weeks later I was discharged, turned out I didn't need to use crutches either. The doctor muttered another 'remarkable' comment as he followed us to the car.
“Thanks for everything,” I said with a small wave before slumping into the back of the sleek, black Aldi. Dad liked good cars, he could afford them as well.

“School first thing tomorrow. You're obviously well enough,” Dad said into the rear view mirror. I knew mum wanted to argue the point. I just shrugged and looked out my window. More bullies, not to mention the silent looks for having tried to off myself again.

When we got home dad stayed in the car, some meeting he had to get to. Mum dragged me into the kitchen with her.

“How about you help me make dinner?” she suggested, her voice chirpy as she rummaged through the cupboards.

“I think I'll just go upstairs,” I replied. I saw her face drop. She'd been trying to distract me, keep me in sight. I saw her gulp, she was afraid I'd try something if I went to my room.

“I've no doubt you've already gone through my stuff and cleared it of anything dangerous. Don't worry,” I said with a shrug.

“I did that last time. Instead you snuck out and found the nearest motorway,” she said.

“Then lock my windows and get the tree outside it cut down. I don't care. I'm fine mum,” I said. She didn't believe, and truthfully I liked the tree, it was a good place to sit with my thoughts.

“Well, you may as well check your desk. Your teachers sent through handouts of things you've missed. Should make catching up easier,” she said. I nodded and headed for the stairs. I glanced at the pile and ignored it. I checked all my usual hiding spots, mum had done an above thorough job this time round. No razors, no knifes, nothing. I sat on my bed feeling jittery, I really wanted to attack something, preferably my skin.

“That would be a little dumb and weakening. Which you don't need.” I fell off my bed at the sudden sound with a yelp.

“James, are you okay?” came up the stairs a second later.

“Fine!” I yelled down, “ leg's not as balanced as I thought,” I added. She'd come up and investigate otherwise. I heard her murmur okay and return to the kitchen. I turned to look at Darius who was staring down at me with a mix of amusement. One leg was still sprawled on my bed while the rest my half lay on the floor, my elbow propping up the rest.

“Have you never heard of knocking?” I asked as I pulled myself up.

“A human gesture that wastes time. The girl will be a new-comer at your school tomorrow. Be nice to her and make friends. It's important she trusts you,” he said.

“That it? I thought I was protecting her or something,” I asked with a frown.

“It's our hope it won't come to that. But if less pleasant....groups, discover her existence that will become your main role. Now go sleep, you body still needs rest. I decided healing would be the priority as far as abilities were concerned,” Darius said. I glanced at my hands, I could heal?

“Mostly just yourself. Minor injuries on others, but it will sap your energy severely and so isn't recommended. Now sleep. And make friends with the girl.” With that he left in a whirl of air.

“Pushy show-off,” I muttered, but collapsed into to bed all the same.

The End

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