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"Don't move" Luca pressed back against the wall, pulling Kalia back with him. She pulled back into the shadows, her wings beating soundlessly behind her. She motioned to Jett and Daren to stay back, and wait for Luca's signal. 

Her heart was fluttering, but she tried not to let on that she was nervous. Her hand slid to her belt, almost without thinking, and she touched the long, celestial blade at her waist, stroking its engraved handle for luck. Her father had left it for her in his will, and it was one of the few possessions she kept on her always. The blade was 10 inches of celestial silver, the handle engraved with her families symbols, and several other symbols, meant to bless the blade, or make it powerful. 

They were in a cellar, the damp smell made Kalia's eyes water slightly. The black timber wolf at her feet snarled slightly, Torr didn't like this place any more than she did. Kalia placed her hand gently on the wolf's head, sending calm thoughts towards him. 

The raven made very little sound as it swooped in through the ceiling and onto Luca's shoulder. He paused, listening to it, before finally turning to them and holding up three fingers.

Kalia tensed her muscles, breathing in through her mouth. She felt out with her mind and found Torr, allowing his far more keen senses to fill her mind. Through him, she felt the warmth coming off the creatures in the next room. No, not warmth. Demokhs didn't have warmth like humans, they had a strange, cold odour that clung to them like smoke clung so fabric. Kalia wrinkled her nose and focused, slipping her blade from it's sheath and twirling it once, it's blade casting a luminous silver glow on the walls.

Luca held up his hand, then balled it into a fist, the signal to attack. They launched out the wolves snarling and bristling at their feet. Kalia remembered a book with illustrations of Demokhs in it. They were portrayed as shadows, or as half legna, half bull with twirling horns and huge size. In reality, they were so much worse. The ones in the cellar were all different, each more ghastly than the last. Jett and Luca circled off to the right, cornering one of the Demokhs. Kalia didn't have time to see what Daren was going to do, for the second Demokh came scuttling along the wall towards her. This one had the lean body of a lion, its tail parting into halves, each tipped with a large, deadly looking spiked club. It's face was wolfish, with huge horns and blazing red eyes, pupil-less. Ridged spines lined its back and legs, and as it approached it hissed, showing a forked tongue like a snakes, and rows and rows of dagger like teeth.

She parried backwards, bringing the blade up in front of her face as the Demokh lurched forwards. There was a slicing sound, and the Demokh gave a gurgling hiss as it's forked tongue flopped to the ground at her feet. Dark blood filled the Demokhs mouth, and it spat at her, its tails swooping forward. She rolled onto the floor, but not before one of the tails slammed into her ribs, sending pain coursing through her body. Crunch. A rib broken, maybe two she thought as she backed up again, catching her breath. She made the mistake of glancing up, at Jett, who had cried out in pain. Stupid! Luca was already with him, finishing off the Demokh with a swift slice to the neck. 

The force of the Demokh slammed her back into the wall, twisting her wings painfully behind her and clouding her vision. When she could see again, she looked back up, and the Demokh was scuttling towards her, baring its fangs for the kill. She tried to reach her blade, but the Demokh was on top of her, its mouth drawing closer and closer to her neck. Kalia braced herself, but suddenly it was off her, and she looked up to see Torr, his own teeth buried deep in the monsters neck, snarls rippling through his body. 

The End

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