Dark and Stormy Party

It was a Dark and Stormy night and I got deliciously drunk. We served Dark and Stormy’s for a one-time fee of everyone’s car keys. The drink consists of spiced rum and ginger beer poured over a slush of crushed ice.

Questionable occurrences accumulated from there. So let’s see.

Julie fell off the counter.

Rob took a leak out of the attic window hollering, “Jeronimo!” and a few broken verses of the star spangled banner as his rocket rang clear.

Sarah spontaneously made out with a medley of different guys at the most random moments possible. She’s hilarious.

Brad got angry. Then he wept. Then he wanted a hamburger.

Jason made a goofy attempt to retrieve his keys from the cupboard. No one would have noticed if he hadn’t staggered against the table and wobbled the vase as he reached.

I, on the other hand, enjoyed my favorite hobby—sitting down. It’s my one really good sport. I chilled and chatted and laughed. You can’t beat that. I led all scorers.

The End

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