Chapter 6 - My Own Hell (Part 2)Mature


I wagged my tail as h approached, but Rune ignore the steady thump, thump that it caused.  I flattened my ears and let out a soft growl.  “What’s the matter Rune?”

            “You.”  He barked angrily and crouched to the ground, the dirt beneath him swirled because of the air displacement, and flecks of tan blended in with his light grey coat.

            “Me?  What did I do?  I caught a deer, you know.”

            “Shut-up Mist.”

            “What?  No!”

            “It’s your fault we are here.”  He said gloomily, averting his gaze from my persistent view.

            “And is that such a bad thing?”  I retorted. “They have food, shelter, and they even offered to give us a home, as a family.”

            He snarled and snapped at me, ending my monologue.  I yelped and crouched down to evade him.  “It wasn’t a choice, it was a threat.  I’ve known for a long time that  we were in their land, that is why I kept us moving…

Rest Coming soon!  Sorry about that, but I didn't have time to finish typing it up!

The End

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