The Different School part 1Mature

I woke up the next day with the morning sun in my eyes. My body still ached but I managed to get up pretty quickly and make it to my first class of the day which happened to be history.

"Where were you yesterday? You missed biology." A girl said coming to sit beside me, her name is Lisa and I guess you could say were school acquaintances since we don't talk much outside of class. 

“Wasn’t feeling too well, think I overdid at the gym before." I said lamely setting up my laptop ready to take notes, "What did I miss?" 

"You missed some stuff about extinction of species and how it can be prevented and the levels of extinction." She said smiling playing with a pencil between her fingers. 

“Ah finally something I didn't know to much about. Damn. Oh well."  I said gazing off thinking about my encounter with Alayna, and the night of the attack.  My mind still felt fuzzy and still thought it was all in my head but meeting Alayna yesterday also made no doubt that it was real. Why then?  Why me? Why did it feel so dreamlike, and why or how does this separate world remained in our own without the knowledge of the general population? I put my hand through my hair staring at the keyboard of laptop urging my brain to spontaneously have the answers. 

"Pay attention." Lisa hissed at me while smacking my arm," Class has started." 

"Thanks." I replied quietly pretending to look more alert while my thoughts dazed off. It was never easy to pay attention about Canadian history since its drilled into our heads since grade three, but today it was much harder for me. The class ended and Lisa had to bring me back to reality so I could go to my next class. I spent the majority of the day in the same way thinking about Alayna, what she had said and the attack. I even visited the area where it occurred there was no sign it ever took place, not even the slightest drop of blood remained.  Maybe it didn't happen? However the soreness of my body reconfirmed to me that it must have.  Time rolled by quickly and soon I found myself awkwardly standing at the bus stop at 12 as Alayna had asked. She was late, and I was freezing my ass off. My hands were in my pockets as I tried to stifle the chattering of my teeth and the shivers that crept along my body. I quickly pulled my phone out of my pocket like a samurai doing a quick draw with their katana catching a quick glimpse of the time before it disappeared back into my pocket. 

"12:05, another five and I’ am leaving." I said to myself pacing back and forth trying to warm up. 

"Don't need to worry about that." Alayna's voice came from behind me causing me spin around defensively. How did she get so close without me hearing or seeing her? 

"It's not nice to keep someone waiting especially in the cold." I commented giving her a good glare. 

"Sorry, come on lets head to campus." She said dismissively brushing past me. 

"Why didn't you make me wait there?" I compalined, running after her down the frosted pavement, careful to keep my balance. She didn't respond so I didn't bother pushing the matter. " So what exactly is the purpose of meeting tonight?"  

“You’ll see." She said calmly pushing the button at the lights, avoiding eye contact with me. I noticed when she breathed out there was no water vapour unlike when I breathed out. Maybe vampires didn't produce heat but I was very tempted to ask why. We crossed the road in silence as I continually looked at her noticing she is quite a beautiful women. Her face was smooth, unmarked with a very defined jaw that smoothly rounded into her chin. Her body was curved most desirably, with luscious breast that weren't to big but big enough to be noticeable. Also the way she moved was very calling and appealing to the eyes. Alright that was probably one too many glances stolen! I looked elsewhere over the campus which was lit up by rows of street lights lighting up just lonely concrete paths.  

"This way." Alayna said pulling me to the left making my way up to a part of campus I hadn't really visited since it was the residence of the trade buildings, gym, and law since I was a arts student who dabbled in a little bit of the sciences. We passed the trades building which was recognizable not only because of the sign, but because the entrance stood intimidating wooden pillars, surrounded by large windows that had intricate flowing designs in them.  Ahead of us was the law building but Alayna had stopped one of the benches and sat down motioning me to sit beside her. 

"What are we doing?" I asked sitting down beside her noticing the bench was strangely surrounded by a backline that went around it, which was different than the other benches. 

"Hang on a second."Alayna hissed grasping the bottom of the bench which then started glowing a dim yellow and started to sink into the ground.  A yelp of surprise escaped my mouth as I jerked off the bench in surprised. Alayna laughed a little bit at my sudden surprise as I climbed back onto the bench which was now several meters below the surface. 

"What’s with the secret entrance?" 

"To avoid any lingering students, or janitors, but we also have additional rooms, that are hidden, but for the most part our classes do take part in some of your rooms." Alayna explained.

"Ah makes sense. So why did your bring me?" I asked nervously. 

" To educate you on this world. I'm having you join dark academy." She said calmly looking away as rage, confusion and fear filled my body.

"What!?" I cried putting my hands on my head, " You're going to bring me closer to the people or things trying to hurt me? You're going to bring me an outsider to this world and expect me to just roll with it!?" I started yelling as the bench stopped in a graffiti filled room, that was lit by dim luminescent lights. 

"Lace, I already told you that I think someone is targeting you specifically, and to me it seemed better that you learn who your enemy is then walk the streets arrogant. Yes it risky but I have pulled some strings the administrators have given permission for faculty to teach you. and we'll be sharing every class so I will be there to make sure you're okay, and before you protest you really don't have a choice."  She said with a calm voice filled with that authority that I had senses yesterday.  I stood up violently looking down on her now. 

"What? You can't make me do anything, I have a life during the day to and as much as I don't actually sleep I still need to be in good condition for those classes to." I protested feeling fairly hostile. As I angrily walked away from Alayna who was now standing to but with a clear composure. 

"Actually I could if I wanted to all though I don't think I should have to step to that degree, not that I would anyways. As for your day life you can manage it somehow. Besides your life is more important than your schooling." She replied coolly, walking towards me her violet eye meeting my blue ones. 

"Manage somehow? The quality of my life relies on that education! A degree from here means nothing to my world!" I yelled balling my fists. 

"I don't think you understand the gravity of your situation. Your life hangs in the balance you won't have a quality of life if you walk away from here without even trying." She said her voice raised slightly.  Making me stop. I was thinking irrationally, but how? How could I balance my life out with this as well?

" I... I understand, but it seems impossible still, and if I do get attacked I will be one: to tired to do anything and 2 what’s some knowledge going to do for me? It's not like im going to have the strength to fight back." I reasoned, as my body relaxed, and I looked back at Alayna. 

"It will be one class a night, promise and we'll see there is many things at dark academy that could help you survive. Now come on, we're going to be late as it is." Alayna said pushing by and opening a large red door revealing a clean white hall very unlike the room that we had entered.  I followed after she had increased her speed to almost a jog. 

"What is our fist class?"  I asked catching up to her.  

"Runes." She described light before pushing a door to our right open revealing an art class styled room with about 15 other students sitting down with rocks and paintbrushes. I started to play with my keys nervously while I looked around, for the most part everyone looked human. Some were hairier than a human was, while some were paler, others had unnatural coloured eyes or hair. There were also one or two monstery looking one which I presumed were trolls or ghouls, but all in all I wasn't as scared as I thought I would have been.  

"Ah miss Valentier has finally arrived but that's alright im sure the rest of the glass didn't mind waiting." A dark voice came from behind us,  I turned around my fist balled and raised to about stomach height, " And I'm guessing this nervous wreck here is Lace Varion." The voice belonged to 8 foot broad shouldered being with a Human face and ape like body , and his voice was like listening to a void of whispering darkness. 

"Sorry sir it won't happen again, and yes this is Lace Varion." She said prompting me to say something. 

"Sorry sir. er... Nice to meet you." 

"Yes as it is my pleasure to. My name is Mr Changle, now I advise you take a seat, and pay attention. I have little patience for students who waste my time." he said, walking past Alayna and I briskly before we headed near the front were we sat next to someone with a orange diamond shaped tattoo on his hands. 

"Hey Alayna." He said cheerifully but somehow managing to break his paintbrush in his hands nervously. 

"Hey there Merone, this Lace the kid who was attacked a few days ago." Alayna explained to him. He gave me a scornful look, but held out his hands," Lace this is Merone, he is a genie."  

"Hey, nice to meet your Merone." I said shaking his hand even though he looked like he was doing it more because he was being civil. 

The End

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