The Day AfterMature

I woke up in bed the next day feeling like I had been hit by a train. A slight recollection of the previous night’s events went through my head. That just isn't possible I though but yet my chest felt like it had been used a punching bag. I rolled over checking the time it was 1 in the afternoon! I panicked oh man I already missed two classes today!  I’ll think about last night when I get to school. I thought forcing my body out of bed disregarding its pained protests. 

"Get back into bed. You’re in no condition do anything today." A somewhat familiar female voice said from the corner of my room, I let out frightened yelp. 

"What are you doing here?! Who are you?!" I yelled. I said recovering my half naked body with a blanket.  A smile played on her lips. 

"I’m taking care of you, you went through quite an ordeal last night. Almost being torn to shreds by a pack of werewolves, then to keep you alive I shared with you some of my own blood."

"Whatever you’re talking about sounds absolutely ludicrous!" I shouted in disbelief while glaring at her, she disappeared out of sight for a moment then appeared rate above her violet eyes staring down upon my blue one. She put a hand over my mouth. 

"Shut up and listen, this is all going to be surprising to you and I’m not the type to have the patients to listen to your human disbelief!" She said with an air that demanded respect and silence," Now." She continued,"  I shared with you some of my blood. I am a vampire, and do not worry I did not turn you, although I can't guarantee that completely, however for the most part you're still human. My name is Alayna Valentier and I am no common vampire, but that is for another time. Now I know you don't believe me but look at yourself, you no longer have gashes or scars running down your torso, and I’m sure you remember last night and those large wolves. Your eyes did not deceive you. I assure the supernatural is real, and you weren't dreaming. You stumbled into a bad situation last night and you were lucky I that I had decided to skip class last night, or I’m sure you would be the newest addition to the missing persons list." She said lifting her hand off my mouth, " You may speak now."  I wasn't sure what to say that was a lot to take in, and to be honest it all sounded like complete bullshit, but yet there was no mistaking what happened last night. I wanted to say something sarcastic or funny but I was to stunned. 

"You have classes, in the middle of the night?" I said stupidly. 

"I'm a freaking vampire; have you ever read any literature about us? We don't fucking like daylight! Also do you think they would run school for vampires and werewolves at the same time as humans? That would be incredibly stupid, not that these night courses seem to decreasing the human injury rate." She said irritated. 

" Blah well you’re not the one who got attacked , and just learned there world they thought they understood is filled with a secret underworld of vampires, and werewolves."

"Don't forget genies, shape shifters, dragons, ghost's, ghouls, trolls, leprechauns, fairies, and even the rare demon." She said.

"Where the hell do you hide yourselves?" 

" Hard to reach places like northern Russia, and unpopulated areas like Northern Canada, us vampires are luck though we can live among you humans, as well as shape shifters and so can werewolves to a degree." 

" I see, do like er, politicians know about your world?" 

"Those who have to know, for example the administrators of your school know that were running a night academy for us at night. Your political leaders know something of our kind but for the most part are left in the dark and are prompted and need to know bases. At any rate are you going to ask me why you were attacked, or why I saved you?" 

" I don't know, Im sort of hoping you’re going to say just kidding, and that I ate something really funny yesterday or something. Or maybe you just saying you just got punked! Anything this pretty incredible shit you’re telling me." I responded. 

She sighed stepping away from me, “Humans so afraid of what is before them they would do anything to avoid the truth. No Lace this is very real, as incredible as it sounds; I am not lying to you." 

"Fine then, but if you’re telling the truth wasn't I attacked because they were transformed and I was probably the closest snack?" 

"Wrong, we have all werewolf students caged during the full moon. Someone planned it!" She said triumphantly obviously knowing something I didn't, " therefore someone feels that you pose a threat to us, or your important somehow!" She said with excitement.

" I hardly think I’m dangerous, and important!" I scoffed, " you gotta be kidding me, I ‘am just me. Lazy Lace Varion, I get average grades, I don't do so well at most sports, and I have a normal amount of friends. Hell I’m boring as all hell." 

"You survived lastnight." She said.

"Thanks to you apparently." 

"No usually most humans die when you bite them and exchange blood, especially when they are injured. Not all of you humans turn when a vampire or werewolf bites them. In fact you kept your humanity albeit, I did take back most of the toxins that would turn you." She paused for a moment as if savouring something. 

"What?" I asked, while she looked away awkwardly as if she had suddenly found the badly white pained walls that were all lumpy interesting, “What?" I said again beginning to think that maybe she had found my blood tasty or something, man that would be creepy, " What did you think I was tasty?" 

"errrrm.." She said turning around. 

"Just say it." I said feeling very creeped out. 

“You could say that." She said timidly. 

"Whatever at least you didn't kill me and I should thank you for that." I said now looking towards the wall and away from creepy vampire lady.  

"Yes you should." 

"Thanks.... Alayna."  I said before realizing something, “Wait how did you know my name , and where I lived?"  That’s when air became completely silent and I sure if I heard a pin drop I could hear it echo a dozen times.  She giggled awkwardly. 

"Let's just say I had some help brining you here." 

"Yeah right!" I said throwing a pillow at her," you were thinking that I would make a good snack; I bet." 

"Not my fault that your kind happen to be my prey, like how your kind feeds on cow." 

"Yeah but I don't find a living cow all that appetizing." 

"Hey your still alive aren't you?" 

"Yeah, I’m not that sure if it’s a good thing for someone like me to be friendly with a vampire who thinks the Lace Varion variety blood is pretty tasty." 

"Stop whining, it would be shameful for me to drink from the likes of you, in fact you’re lucky I went of actually giving you some my own blood to keep you alive, my family would also find that shameful." 

"That's pretty snobby sounding of you." I commented.

"Take a side, you can't just complain a moment ago about me finding you appetizing then complain that would be shameful for me not to?" 

" I was teasing you." I laughed. 


"Sorta like a joke, except at your expense, in a friendly kind of manor." I explained starting to feel strangely comfortable with this girl, “How come you have never heard of the term?" 

" In a house of vampires we pride not having human qualities such as that." 

"Ah , sounds like an hyperbole of the upper classes of the French or English aristocracy." I joked, “Anyways why do you say it would be shameful to do this or do that?" 

“It’s because.." She paused, “some rules that should be followed that's all." I didn't get the feeling she was telling me the whole truth but I didn't push beyond that.  If it were important or needed to be said Im sure it would have been said already, " Lace I know it wasn't me who attacked you but I feel it's my responsibility to to apologize for what happened so I’m going to say I’m sorry. Sorry on the behalf of my world, and I’m sorry if that your life may be forever altered." 

" Don't worry about it. It's not your fault that I was in the wrong spot at the wrong time, and I'm sure I can move along from here normally. I mean it's not like I have to worry about it past here? Right?" 

“That sounds to me like a naive hope Lace. I said earlier I think you were attacked for a reason, on top of that Im sure not every trace of the virus or toxin that turns you is out of your system, and maybe not today, or even in the next 20 years will you ever feel its effects and you may not full turn but you will be forever different than everyone else. Plus you will always know another world exists that lives parallel to your own. Something tells me Lace that you will drawn into my world whether you like it or not. So tomorrow night I want you to meet me at 12 at the bus stop. Alright? If you’re not there I will find you! No matter what. Now go back to sleep, you're still recovering." She said. 


The End

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