Lace VarionMature

A college student finds himself in a whole new world when he is saved by a young woman when he is attacked by a group of what appears to be dogs. However this was no coinicidence this is his destiny.

It was two am in the morning and once again hours of laying in bed, reading, tossing and turning proved useless towards actually getting to sleep.

"Fuck this, if you don't want to sleep than were going to a walk." I said in a frustrated tone aimed at my body, this was the fourth week that I had about a minimum of 6 hours of sleep spread over a 5 day period.  It was probably stress of having to fend for myself, learn how to things at university, live away from the parents and usual friends, and the locality of my town, and possibly a million other things. My name is Lace Varion and I am a first year university student, I just turned 18 and just graduated high school about three months ago, and I was not prepared for anything. That was my style unprepared and ready to roll with the hits that life threw at me. However this style was making me pay a heavy toll and was getting me to reconsider my decision. I walked out of my room to be greeted by one of my three roommates.  Carson Chan an international student from China who also seemed to have issues sleeping, but I think that wasby choice he either stayed up to study or play video games. Good guy though even though he was quiet and didn't say much he had quickly became one of my closest friends aside from Jace who was one of my other roommates. In fact he was probably closer than that a life lasting best friend. I was lucky in the aspect that I didn't have to go far to make friends here. However this didn't stop me from not sleeping and taking night walks on campus.

"Hey Carson, playing games or studying tonight?"  I asked putting my blue long coat on. 

" Studying." He said in his Chinese English accent," You?" 

"Another restless night I' am afraid at this moment I think I might indeed go insane." 

"Let me know if you do." He joked.

"Sure will, Carson enjoy your study sesh, I'm going to go for a walk unless you want to join me?"  I said.

"No thanks maybe another night, I have an essay tomorrow." He said making over to the door with A written on it. 

"Alright talk to you later good luck." I said walking away from my room which happened to be room B.  It was cold outside and I could see frost forming on the old cracked pavement of the parking lot. I lived about a block off from campus which was nice because the dorms there were cramped with little space to live or cook in.  Plus I enjoyed good walk in the morning to warm my body up.  Plus it was a pretty nice walk since it provided a beautiful view of the valley below that was currently lit up by thousands of lights, but during the day it was a forest of building surrounded by rolling hill with a river cutting it in half. As I walked I began to hook up my head phones to my Ipod shuffle when I swear I heard footsteps behind me.  I turned around as a small adrenaline rush filled my vein’s it was nothing but I still cautiously looked about, wondering if it was just my head playing games with me. I decided upon the latter and continued walking but take the precaution to leave one ear bud out.  

The air grew colder allowing me to see my breath which became another source of entertainment as I walked. I would breath out willing it to make some sort of shape with my hands of course falling quite short of my goal. So I fell back to making smoke rings or more accurately steam rings, until I came up to a round courtyard, one again getting the feeling someone was following me. I turned around again violently contorting my body and swiveling repeatedly hoping to see someone. 

"Hello is anyone there?" I called out into the darkness. There was nothing until I heard the eerie sound of a dog howling in the distance, " Must be me, must just be me." I tried to convince myself but yet a cold feeling came up my back as if something was in the shadows watching, waiting.  I walked a little further glancing upwards through a a trees naked branches seeing a full moon staring back down at me.  The chills running up my back seemed to cease under the strangely comforting glow of the moon. That's when the leaves below me rustled violenty and I was knocked to ground by an incredible amount of force. I felt a mass of fur brush past my face as I slid an east ten feet across the cold cobbled and brick patterned ground.  What was that? I thought as I tried to recapture my breath, but I was then hit again but this time by claws accompanied by a vicious growl. I cried out in pain and hit a set of steps at the outdoor auditorium. Although winded, and full of pain I managed to catch a glimpse of my attacker. It was a huskyish like dog but bigger much bigger, its face however was different than a dogs somehow bearing human qualities. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 

I got up still gasping for breath keeping a weary on this beastlike dog. I still doubted what my eyes were showing me, but in the end I could only conclude that this was a freakishly big dog that wanted to rip me to pieces.  It started to advance again slowly this time with a low growl, I walked up the stairs backwards until I wandered directly into something else that was fur covered, I dived to the left seeing another three or four of these freakishly oversized dogs. My heart started to beat faster as I looked into their dark red eyes; for a moment I could see their intent to bring me down and eat me for dinner. I went to run for it, only to be tackled down the stairs by dark coloured dog, that snarled angrily and went to bite, but somehow I managed to hold it back with my bare hands. I tried to throw it off but its claws dug deeply, and its immense weight was all to much for my feeble human muscles. I could hear the other dogs coming for me. I didn't want to become tonight’s dog food I had to do something! 

"Get off me you ugly motherfucker!"  I yelled out holding the dog back with my left hand and Wailing on it's head with my right hand. It yelped and jumped off but the others were almost on top of me I rolled out of the way and got to my feet. One jumped at me and i managed to sidestep while its friend tried to flank me but a well place kick dissuaded it from getting any closer. I was getting tired though and I was outnumbered and was at a major disadvantage and it was no surprise I found myself pinned to the ground again. This time those teeth were almost upon me until some miracle the dog was loosened off me but not without consequence, as its claws dug deep gashed across my chest I screamed in pain. 

"Get away from him!" A woman’s voice said strongly above me as my head span. I could hear the fight continuing around me, but I could not see it nor did I want to. Whatever was happening though I did not seem to lose the attention of one of the dogs that managed to escape the fight and attack me some more by charging my limp body and throwing me against the wall before slashing me again, I hit the ground my body drenched in my own blood as some of it pooled around me. The dog began to inch closer ready to bite down on me but then a foot crashed into its draw with enough strength that its upper body was thrown into the air exposing its underbelly to recieve another kick that sent it a considerable distance away. 

" I said get away from him!"The same voice said.  The dog listened and took off into the night. 

"Thanks." I tried to say but I was far to weak to even hear myself say it.

“No need to thank me." The girl replied," but its better you don't talk right now. Oh not good, atleast they didn't bite." Her pale face showing much concern. She was beautiful, she had an excellent shape, and smooth red lips, and her eyes were purple. Wait was that a normal colour? Maybe I was seeing things. Maybe it was because the majority of my blood seemed to be outside of me. 

"I am sorry about this, but I’m going to ...." I couldn't hear the rest as a intense pain in my chest cuased my body to writhe in pain. The girl held me down with her left hand as her mouth inched close to my neck. Then a cold sensation went through my neck and I remembered no more. 


The End

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