My best friend loves to wrap her arms around my neck when we hug, although she is so much shorter than I am; especially when I wear heals, as was the case today. After a quick embrace, she whispered something about something, I couldn’t make it out, but I did hear her tell me to follow her, so I nodded in agreement. The bell signaling the end of school had already rung, so we had to make our way through a mob of loud high schoolers.

 I trailed behind her as she made her way between people, until I was unable to see her blue hair through the wall they made. I of course called out to her, not really knowing where we were going, and she came back obediently and grabbed my hand.

She pulled at me, shoving me into countless familiar faces as I quietly mumbled apologies in their general directions. Once we made it through, I linked arms with her and we walked across a road of car horns and drivers behind them yelling at another of those damned kids, obviously directed at us.

We walked with our arms linked for some time. Her bag kept pushing at my side and I could feel bottles moving inside. I was curious enough to ask, but wasn’t able to since we reached our destination.

 It was an empty parking lot, empty except for a few skateboarders. I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed. My friend pulled me to a lamp post, where we sat down, and she pulled the bottles out of her bag.

She handed one to me and sarcastically said, bottoms up, before taking a long swig from the bottle in her hand. I didn’t think when I pressed my bottle to my mouth, I just did it. I tasted sweet, and bitter, like the medicine we got when we were kids.

I coughed, and my friend replied that it gets better after a while. So I drank the syrup like liquid down, until I was licking the last drops from its hollow body.

I felt dizzy, and confused, but good. I couldn’t hold myself up so I sunk down to the cold pavement, and my friend laid down next to me. I let my head fall to its side to see the boys riding their boards up and down the parking lot. But all I could see was the wheels and feet, so I turned to my friend.

She had sat up and was rummaging through my bag, until she took out my IPod and some headphones. I watched her lean over me and put the buds in my ear and I heard a song I didn’t recognize. I guess it was her iPod, so she must have mine then.

The steady drum of the bass intoxicated me, I felt weird, but good. Then I heard a guy sing over all the Indi-electro sounds and I saw the look in my friends’ eye. She was staring into space with a soft smile on her face.

I looked up to see what she saw and stared into the bright light of a lamppost. For some reason the sky had turned purple, time had slowed for us earlier, but now was racing by.

The music that pulsed in my ears drove me further, but in what direction I am unable to say. I could feel the hum of wheels vibrate through the ground and onto my back and its steady rhythm lulled me to half consciousness. I opened my eyes slowly and looked at the bottle whose contents I had drunk. I read the sideways label. R-o-b-i-t-u-s-s-i-n, I stopped reading; cold medicine. I just drank a full bottle of cold medicine.

My heart stuttered in my chest at the mere thought of what I had just done. But it was done, and all I could do was lay there on the floor of an empty parking lot with my best friend. I couldn’t go home not in the state I was in now.

I looked up at the darkening sky and emerging stars as a tear floated down my cheek. Suddenly the stars started falling around me,and i was dansing among them; it was stunning. Can you see this? I asked my friend and poked her side. She just moaned at my touch.

That would be the last thing I remembered.

Then I woke up to blue hair in my face, curled up next to my friend with her jacket over us. I woke her up, and attended to my vibrating phone. I had to explain to my mom that I was at a ‘sleep over’ and ‘just forgot to call’. I hated lying. My friend and I looked at each other and silently agreed that this was to be mentioned to no one, before turning our separate ways and making our way home.

The End

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