On a parallel Earth where humans with unnatural abilities learn to home their powers and become strong, independent individuals. Among them is Ruthria Carters. A young teenager at seventeen years is at the peak of her learning. Sent on a mission with her best friends and team mates, Kaitlin and Darien, she finds the scroll they have to deliver is worth worth a lot more trouble than they first thought. Will they make it back alive? Or will this scroll become the end of the young trainees?

After another punch to my already badly bruised gut, I fall to the hard, rocky ground below creating more bruises on my red knees.

I ignore the sting of stones digging into my flesh, instead my full attention focused on  gasping for the air which continues to evade my lungs. 

The two clones take hold of my forearms, effectively trapping me as I continue to struggle for the air in front of me, I watch as my friends are brought down as well in similar situations.
I clench my eyes shut, refusing to watch the scene enfold before me.

As I hear his strangle cries and eventual death strangles, I try to think back to what brought us to this predicament...

The End

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