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Sarah Mitchell is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary power to fall in love with strangers. After having met a strange man on the corner of Camilla and 52nd, she falls madly in love with him as usual. It's not long until she finds herself in his apartment eating lunch and taking photographs of herself for his pleasure. How long will will she remain infatuated with him and will he allow her to leave when her little "fling" is over?


                                        Chapter One



          Bright and early, Sarah Mitchell woke up to set out on her daily walking routine around the neighborhood. It was a crisp, spring morning and dew from the grass flirted with her ankles.

          Not even two blocks in, she caught a glimpse of the most handsome man she had ever seen a block away. Quickening her pace, she found herself behind him.

          “Hi. You must be new in the neighborhood. We haven't met yet. I'm Sarah Mitchell,” she said with confidence, something she didn't usually possess.

          He stared her from head to toe before replying. “No. I'm not from around here. I was just visiting the area,” he said not wanting to reveal anything more.

          She wasn't satisfied not knowing more information. She just wanted to know the basics at least. “So, what's your name?”

          “Tony Bryce,” he said. He spoke in a smooth tone and appeared to be calm and collected.

          This is definitely my beau-to-be, she thought. “Hey, if you're not too busy, do you want to stop by at the coffee shop? It's only two blocks away. I mean, if you're not doing anything now.” Is this a little too fast? Nahh. I'll give it a shot. If it doesn't work out, I'll only be broken-hearted.

       “I'm a little busy now. Why don't I give you my number and you can call and cash in that coffee rain check later.” It was a statement, not a question. No room for discussion. He pulled out his card which was located handy in his left pocket. He wrote his address on the back.

       “Thanks. I'll call you later,” she said and they parted ways: she followed the block around to go back home and he kept going straight. She watched him until he was no longer visible. Then, she ran home to make a very important call.




           “Amy! You will not believe who I just ran into!” she said over the phone.

          “Oh, who?” Amy said in her normal, diluted voice.

          “Tony Bryce.” She waited for a response of familiarity, but of course, none came. She continued, “Oh, you know. Tony.”

          “No, Sarah. Where do I know him from again? The name does sound familiar.”

          “Oh, from around. Maybe in the neighborhood.” She wanted more information about this man. He intrigued her. When she was talking with him, her arm hairs pricked up. That had to be a sign of true love. It had to be.

          “No, sorry, dear. I don't know any Tony Bryce from the neighborhood. How long have you known him?” Amy said.

          “A whole twenty minutes! I think I'm in love.” An audible sigh was heard from the opposite side of the receiver.

          “Sarah, what did you do?” Amy said with concern.

          “Nothing. We had a chat while I was on my morning walk. I asked him...” she stopped after being interrupted, another sign that she was in love.

          “You WHAT?! Is he at your house now? Sarah, I swear. I'm going to lock you in a cage one of these days."

           “No. No. Calm down. I asked him if he wanted coffee. Come on. It's coffee. No harm in that. Besides, he couldn't go right then, so he gave me his card instead.”

          She took it out from her pockets and examined it. Reading it with more care, she noticed he was a doctor.

          “Amy, he's a doctor. Doctors are responsible and respectable people in society. What's wrong with a little bit of fun? You need to spice up your life more. Let loose. Have a little fun.” She knew she hit a bad note there when there wasn't an immediate answer. “You know what I mean, doll. You work in your office day and night. You never see me anymore,” she pouted knowing full well that never works with Amy.

          “Sarah, I have plenty of fun and I see you everyday. It's been ten hours since I was at your house. We can plan a fun weekend tonight after work, okay?”
           “Oh, yay! A fun weekend. I think we both need it. We've been working too hard. I'll plan everything. You just sit back and relax. I'll talk to you later!” she hung up.

          “See you,” Amy said to the dial tone on the phone.

The End

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