Crazy Race (Mary Jane)

I was the first to react and the first to head down the hill, but Agent Price was the first at the bottom. Blast him and his long legs. I thought he would keep going at the bottom but he didn't, the idiot! I plowed right into his back and he fell full length forward into the snow. I fell full length forward right on top of him.

The next few minutes were a comedy of errors. I rolled off of him just as he rolled over on me! We both struggled to get off of each other in the snow. A paramedic stopped behind us on the way up the hill with his kit.

"Get a room!" He yelled at us.

He continued on up the hill, laughing his head off. I'm sure he must have seen us fall, at least I hope he did.I hope he didn't think we were doing what it might have looked like we were doing! When we had finally disentangled ourselves, we sat in the snow and tried to avoid eye contact. I didn't look at his face so I didn't see his reaction, but I know that I blushed profusely!

"Why did you stop at the bottom?" I yelled at him to cover my embarrassment.

"Why did you run over me?" He shot back a retort.

Just as I was about to give him a snotty piece of my mind, I caught a sudden movement out of the corner of my eye. I saw my purse hopping around under the burned out bus! I marched in that direction with chin up, shoulders squared as if I was walking away from him rather than toward the bus. I didn't think he had seen it, so I pretended that I hadn't either. I intended to get to that purse before he did.

It turned out that my pretence was pointless anyway. Price ran past me, bent on getting somewhere fast. He raced  to the bus, then dived right under it! Of course I dived under it  beside him.

The purse was open, and the goo under the bus jumped into it. The goo in the purse was pretty much sedated by the snow and dark in there, but it still called to its' own kind. It seemed that the goo under the bus would rather go to sleep inside the purse , than dry up outside of it. We both gaped at this process, but neither one of us made any effort to stop it.

"What is that stuff?" I whispered. I didn't want to disturb the goo and make the purse hop away again.

"Didn't Mrs. Baxter tell you what it was?"

He seemed surprised that I didn't already know. He must have known that I was in the meeting of the publishers when Mrs. Baxter presented her case. Mrs. Baxter didn't tell us much, but it was enough to scare the publishers pasty faced!

The End

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