Face Off (Mrs. Baxter)

I could tell by the look on agent Price's face as he steamed up the hill that he was a man on a mission. I was a good judge of character, so I could tell that he was a decent law abiding citizen, and yet... I could sense violence in him. I thought he could be very dangerous if he needed to be.

When he arrived at our little spot at the top of the hill, he flashed his badge.

" In the name of the United States of America, I am requisitioning your handbag as evidence in an ongoing investigation."

Apparently subtlety wasn't one of agent Price's finer qualities. It might even have been non existent altogether in his case.

Mary Jane held the purse by its' zippered top and put it behind her back.


I had to smile at the look of surprise on agent Price's face. I guessed that people rarely said no to him, at least while he was on duty, and it was obvious that he was on duty.

"Do you want to be arrested? Give it up!"

He made a lunge toward her and tried to reach around her back.

Mary Jane stood her ground. She had told me on the bus that she held the highest honours in several martial arts disciplines. She wasn't giving up anything to anyone.

"you have no right to search my handbag, it has nothing to do with the bus crash. Tell me why you want it, and I'll let you have it." Mary Jane stuck out her chin and glared at him.

Agent Price looked at Mary Jane, and then at me.

"Will you tell her to listen to reason, please Mrs. Baxter?" he says.

I laughed at him. That was certainly a novel approach.

"I have no influence over her. Tell her why you want her handbag, and she'll give it to you. She couldn't be any clearer than that."

Mary Jane and Agent Price stood glaring at each other. Neither one was willing to make the first move. Mary Jane suddenly screamed as her handbag jumped out of her hands and headed down the hill

The End

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