Duncan Price's Skill

I told Mary Jane Gifford that I had watched her through binoculars at the front of the bus. That wasn't strictly the truth. I saw her, but not through binoculars.

I have a.. skill, I guess. It's certainly not a gift, not the way I looked at it, and the way I looked at everything was different. I could see anything, through anything at some distance. I was almost a walking x- ray machine.

That's why The FBI wanted me so badly. I could see if there were any criminals with guns holed up in a drug lab, from a distance. I could see through smoke and fire.

I wore custom made sunglasses so that I couldn't see any more than normal people. When the sunglasses come off, I could see way more than I wanted to sometimes.

I saw Ms. Gifford put that Goo in an Aspirin bottle. I also saw that it was alive, and probably dangerous. I was busy looking underneath the bus for more of the black substance when I happened to glance up at the hillside.

Mrs. Baxter was puking her guts out, and it's all black Goo! I can't believe I was so stupid. I left her alone, and all that time she was incubating something horrible inside her. I was wearing my sunglasses, that's why I didn't see it.

It embarrassed me to be around women when I wasn't wearing my sunglasses. Although I could see through their clothes, their skin, and right through to the bone, I still felt like a peeping Tom.

I raced up the hill, and by the time I get there, Ms. Gifford had already gotten the Goo out of Mrs. Baxter, and contained it all in her purse. It was all still dormant in there. Apparently, the cold and dark puts it to sleep. That was a good thing to know.

I had to get my hands on that purse, without letting on that I knew what was in there.

The End

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