Galloping Goo (Mary Jane)

I climbed the hill fast, looking for Mrs. Baxter. I knew instinctively that the story she told at the publishing house might have something to do with the quivering black mass in my pocket.

As I near the top, I could see Mrs. Baxter on her knees, shovelling snow into her mouth and spitting it out, as fast as she could.

as I ran toward her, the bottled goo in my pocket goes absolutely wild! My pocket had a zipper on it, and I could see it bounce around as the bottle kept trying to force open the zipper!

As I slapped my hand against the pocket to make it stop, I lost my balance and fell in the snow. I fell on the side of the galloping goo.

Suddenly, the goo went quiet. Apparently it has an aversion to being wet and cold. So did I, but in this one instance I was grateful for it.

Before I stood up, I quickly opened my pocket and filled it as full of snow as I could, then I zipped it back up again. I hoped that would keep it quiet for awhile.

When I reached Mrs. Baxter I knelt beside her. From a distance I couldn't tell what she was spitting out, but now I could see that it appeared to be more of the black goo.

There was a small pile of it lying inert in the snow. I quickly covered it up with snow. Hopefully it would stay inert if it stayed wet and cold.

Up to that point I didn't know if the goo was dangerous. I took one look at Mrs. Baxter's face, and I knew that it was.

There was a lump of goo attached to her neck that was crawling into her ear! She wasn't aware of it apparently. She was too busy coughing the goo out to figure out how it got in.

"Mrs Baxter, you need to stop what you're doing and stay absolutely still!" I told her.

She looked at me with an uncomprehending expression for a moment, then went back to spitting out goo.

I dumped everything from my purse onto the ground. I put my wallet into the other zippered pocket and filled my purse with snow. I grabbed two handfuls of snow and press it against Mrs. Baxter's neck.

She looked up at me, baffled. She stopped spitting for a minute while I pulled the black mass off of her neck. I stuffed it into my purse, along with the pile of goo on the ground. Just for good measure, I opened my pocket and take out the bottle. I dumped its' contents into the purse too.

Mrs. Baxter started spitting again. I looked closely at her neck, and there was nothing on the outside, but on closer inspection, I could see something wriggling around inside her ear.

I knelt in front of Mrs. Baxter and held her her face in my hands. Her eyes were barely focused. She was very close to losing consciousness.

I opened her mouth, gently, and I could see a little blot of goo form in her throat. I put some snow in her mouth, and she spit it out automatically. The goo was still lively, so I scooped it up in the now empty Aspirin bottle.

When I held the bottle near Mrs. Baxter's head it went crazy! I noticed that there was goo coming out of her ear, instead of going in!

I held the bottle closer to her ear, and it all but jumped right out of my hand! More and more goo came out in a long thin line than ran down her neck. I stopped its' progress with a handful of snow, and stuffed it in my purse with the rest.

Mrs. Baxter seemed to be regaining her full consciousness as she stuffed her mouth full of snow. She coughed so hard that I was afraid she might cough up a lung!

Only a tiny dot of of goo appeared on the snow. I picked it up with a handful of snow, and stuff it in my purse.

We looked at each other, speechless with relief and fear. Relief that we had gotten the goo out of her. Fear that we might not have gotten it all. If she had swallowed any of it, there is no telling what it would do to her.

"How do you feel, Mrs. Baxter?" I asked in a very shaky voice.

"I.. I guess I'm alright." She answered in an even shakier voice.

"Why did it come out of me, Mary Jane? I don't understand."

"As far as I could tell, Mrs. Baxter, the goo attracted detached portions of itself. It's genetic make up demanded that it completed itself."

The End

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