Duncan Price

As I settled in the last seat in the bus beside the on board rest room, I stretched my legs and leaned back. The subject under surveillance wasn't going anywhere for several hours.

The subject in that case was Mrs. Lorraine Baxter. To look at her, you would not expect her to be the firecracker that could set the world on fire! She was small, only 5 feet tall, 125 pounds, a senior citizen pushing 60, according to the dossier that I have read on her. There is nothing in her background to suggest that she was likely to be either lying or insane, and yet she was still a ticking time bomb.

She had the governing bodies of the entire continent of North America biting their nails worrying about what she was going to do. There were a few hard case superiors of mine in the FBI that just wanted to make her disappear.

Luckily those people were shouted down. Under the new political atmosphere in Washington, abducting an innocent Canadian citizen was considered to be a really dumb idea. They sent me to keep an eye on her instead.

As I watched Mrs. Baxter chatting away with that hot assistant publisher, I thought back on my own life, and how I got here from there.

My name is Duncan Theodore Price. I was born in West Virginia 35 years ago to Carol and James Price. My dad was an Air Force helicopter pilot who flew rescue missions over Vietnam. He has earned every known honour available to an American serviceman, and yet there isn't anyone on earth that hates war and killing more than my dad.

My parents were absolutely thrilled when I was accepted as an agent for the FBI, investigating federal crimes. At least that's what I thought I was going to do. It didn't quite turn out that way.

It turned out that I was hired to use a certain ability I have to "hunt down the enemies of the people". It was never explained what that even meant.

I was born with an ability that my dad called a skill,and my mom called a gift. I called it a curse. It singled me out whether I wanted the limelight or not. I have no idea how the FBI even knew about this ability. My whole family and I have always gone out of our way to hide the fact of what I am.

All this " navel gazing," or" inward search of self" made me really sleepy. Time for a long nap. That was not going to happen.

SCREEEECH!!!! .............THE BUS IS SLIDING.........FIRE EVERYWHERE.........SCREAMING, CURSING, SHOUTED PRAYERS FOR MERCY, FOR FORGIVENESS.....................AND THEN................... nothing

The End

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