Mary-Jane Gifford

I sat beside Mrs. Baxter and tried to get my head around that information.

"You know that you're being followed by the FBI and it it doesn't bother you? " I asked, incredulous.

"It's cheaper than hiring a body guard Ms. Gifford. I haven't done anything that they can arrest me for, so if some nut case comes after me, they'll be there to protect me if need be."

"Please, call me Mary-Jane," I told her. "I followed you because I wanted to ask you a few questions about your investigation. I know that my editors said they didn't believe you, but I thought that at least one of them trusted your word. I think he was just is too scared to say so."

"What about you, Mary-Jane, aren't you scared?" As she spoke, she looked at me searchingly, trying to gauge if I was one of those nut cases that might be after her.

"I can protect myself, and you as well," I answered, hinting that I intended to do just that if necessary.

Mrs. Baxter adjusted her seat so that it was in a slightly reclining position. "You might as well make yourself comfortable, Mary-Jane. We're going to be on this bus for hours before we get to the border. You might as well call me Lorraine, since we're going to be seat mates for awhile. Do you intend to go all the way to Ottawa, or just to the border where we cross in to Canada?"

"I.. guess I'll get off at the border, but I'm not sure yet."

Little did I know that decision was going to be suddenly and violently taken out of my hands.

The End

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