Heart Beat

Next I walked into the kitchen. The floor was black tile, the oven and microwave were the same black color as the floor. The counter tops and cabinets were dark brown and there was a window right above the stove, which lit up the room very well. There was also a brown wooden table in the kitchen with 4 chairs around it.

I could see that there were at least two bathrooms and two bedrooms. I walked into one and immediately claimed it as mine in my head. The walls were painted dark purple and the floor was black carpet. It had a black canopy bed with black and purple swirled sheets. There was a two windows, one on either side of the bed. The night stands were positioned directly under the windows, there was a black dresser on the wall opposite the windows and bed. Above the dresser there was a huge tv, complete with a remote on the dresser. It had an attached bathroom, as well as a gigantic walk-in closet.

I walked back to the living room where Wyatt was still messing with his phone.

I went over and leaning over the back of the couch so that I could look over his shoulder. I could see that he was texting someone but he moved his phone before I could see.

“Oh come on, are you afraid that I’m texting some other girl?”

I moved around the couch so that I was sitting next to him.

He leaned close to me so that he was next to my ear

“Cause you have nothing to worry about babe”

I felt his lips lightly brush my ear before he pulled away and started messing with his phone again.

My heart was beating so hard I could’ve sworn that he could hear it.

The End

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