I followed him into a building that made the Empire State Building look like a trash dump. The main entrance doors were made of glass and was edged in gold, the main lobby was extremely tall. I looked up and saw the biggest, most beautiful crystal chandelier I had ever seen, The crystal cast streaks of color onto the dark red colored walls, making it look like an unfinished painting.

Wyatt pulled me to the front desk and rang the little bell that was on the desk. “Don’t make eye contact” he whispered fiercely to me. A tall man walked to the desk from the room in the back.

He groaned “Wyatt, what did you do this time? Did you kidnap her as well? Or did she come willingly.”

I jerked my hand away from Wyatt’s and stared at him with wide eyes.

“Oh calm down Evan, he’s just joking” he said with a fierce look in the man’s direction.

“Now if you don’t mind Rich, we need a room key for Evan.”

The man rolled his eyes and chuckled “Okay, okay, calm down little bro”

I looked at Wyatt to see that his jaw was clenched and his hands were balled into fists.

“I thought I told you not to freakin’ call me that” Wyatt replied through clenched teeth

The man chuckled again “Oh yeah sorry, I wouldn’t want to embarrass you in front of another girl, oh wait that’s not possible.”

This guy really knows how to mess with Wyatt, he looked completely pissed off. “Rich I beat you once, I can do it again, now give me her key”

Wyatt practically growled at him. The man sighed again “Fine baby bro here, her room is 5445.” Wyatt grabbed the key from his hand and stomped away, leaving me to practically run to keep up with him.

The End

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