Eye Contact

I squeezed my eyes shut and held on tight as Wyatt ran across the bridge.

I could hear the wood of the bridge creaking and groaning underneath us, I could hear the wind rushing past my ears as he ran with inhuman speed across the bridge.

I was probably choking the poor guy, but hey he told me to hold on to him, plus who would pass up an opportunity to be this close to any hot guy?

“Hey you can open your eyes now, and for my sake, please lose the death grip you have around my neck? 

I smiled shyly and climbed off of his back.

I looked around the place where we were standing.

It was even more beautiful up close. The city’s streets were sparkling as though they were made of gold and silver, the buildings rose up as high as you could see and glittered with every color you could imagine.

Wyatt grabbed my hand again, pulling me out of my daze.

“You do that too often” he said “that daydreaming thing, its kind of freaky to watch.”

I turned to him and smiled as apologetically as I could.

“And since you’re new here, I will personally show you to your room. Oh and don’t make eye contact with ANY of the people here, I know we are all super attractive, but it’ll just end badly.”

I laughed silently at him while he pulled me through the streets.

There was almost no one outside in the streets. It was odd considering it was like the middle of the day, around normal people’s lunch breaks.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn’t notice that Wyatt had stopped walking, so I ran directly into his back.

He turned around to see me pouting at him, “Oh come on, don’t do that to me.” He pleaded, moving toward me

“I might not be able to control myself” he whispered in a low voice in my ear making me gasp. He moved away from me laughing, as I just stood there staring at him with the dumbest look ever on my face.

It wasn’t like I had never had a boyfriend, but every relationship I’ve ever been in has ended with me crying and stuffing my face with chocolate and watching chick flicks. I just wasn’t used to anyone talking like that to me, like they wanted me.

“Would you snap out of it?” Wyatt’s voice broke through my thoughts

“I need to show you to your room before he kills me for making you late.”

The End

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