Unexpected Turn

We drove for what seemed like forever. It was an endless path of trees, darkness, and rain. 

We finally came to a sign that had no words except " If you weren't invited, leave".

What kind of camp was this? Was I here for a reason? I didn't think I was, I guess I wouldn't talk; but other than that I was a good kid.

This looked like a camp where kids from juvie go when they aren't behaving properly.

We pulled into a dirt parking lot that looked like it had been abandoned long ago. There were old rotting buildings that I guess were supposed to be cabins; there was no way that I was ever going to stay in that death trap.

"Well this is where you get off, good bye and good riddance brat" my foster mom said "I never liked you and now i'll finally be rid of you" and with that she pushed me out of the car, threw my suitcase on top of me and drove away with terrifying speed.

"Great, alone again. At least this time I mostly know what to do" I thought

"Hey are you ok?"

I jumped and quickly turned around to face the second most gorgous guy I had ever seen. He had dirty blonde hair and the prettiest brown eyes I had ever seen. He was wearing a white rain-soaked t-shirt which gave me a perfect view of his perfect abs and arms. I had to stop myself from staring before I started drooling.

I nodded my head and he held out his hand to help me up. I took his hand and felt my heart beat hard against my chest. He pulled me up and grabbed my suitcase, "Its raining really hard, I'll take you back to my cabin until it clears up a bit, oh my name is Wyatt by the way". I smiled at him and followed him into the nearest cabin.

I walked in the cabin and immediately wanted to leave. Wyatt took one look at my face and busted out laughing, "Oh my gosh, your face was hilarious!" he said while trying to stop laughing. I gave him the most sarcastic look that I could. 

"Ok, ok i'm sorry! I just love to pull that prank on people, we actually live underground" he said. With that he opened up a closet, felt around for a while then pulled a lever. About ten seconds after that the floor dropped away from beneath me and I was plunged into darkness.

The End

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