Rain clouds

My foster homes that I have been in have all been the same, they think that they can be the family that finally gets me to open up to them, that they would finally get me to talk.

I made up my mind after my fifth home, I was not going to talk to any of these people, I was not some sort of game that they had to win. 

I know that it probably made some of them sad or mad, in fact I know it did, every home let me know quite freely how they felt about me. Then after they had given up on me I was moved to a different home where the process started all over again.

The home that I was currently at though, was the worst one by far. They would never stop talking, asking me questions, trying everything they could to get me to talk. even the little two year old was babbling non-stop. But if none of the other, better families could make me, then this one most definately will not.

I shuddered as the car hit a bump in the road. Why did I ever let them get me into this rolling death machine? I've been terrified of cars ever since that night.

I stared out the window with my headphones in my ears, I was listening to Wait For You by Elliot Yamin, it was one of my all time favorite songs.

I watched as a raindrop landed on my window and slowly rolled down while taking other drops with it. I love the rain, it just makes everything seem so peaceful and perfect. If only my world could be like that.


The End

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