chapter 7Mature

Anna died

Yeah, I's a shocker too. How do I feel?

I don’t know... relived I guess. But all of this was just in my head.

She stood in front of me, as Max left. She wanted me and only me, not with the benefits of my sister along with us. I didn't understand though. Anna was evil. She was the evil maniac and I was the victim I know crude, but what else can I say.

Max turned to leave and I was as agitated as ever. I wanted out of this Hellhole. I wanted to get gone. But how could I? I was held hostage. Then Anna looked at me as she slapped me in the face and spit in my face as well, I deserve it, all of it, me and my stupidity, I should of left her when I had the chance. But all I see in front of me is Anna and her knife at my neck. "Now with Max gone your nightmare has begun, Nobody won't save you, you love me, I know you do you can't hide your affection for me forever." she said. I looked at her as I asked her a question. " Why you don't like max,” I said. Anna covered her ears " ahhhhh lalalalalalala I don't care about your stupid sister I want her out of this picture I... i should be the one in your head, cause i know everything about you, what! You look surprised like I said your nightmare has begun and besides if the heath ledger joker was worst trust me you haven't seen a true real nightmare yet he he HA! HA! HA! HA!" with a sick evil sadistic laugh.

Then Anna grabbed the helicopter pilot out of his cockpit as she slit his throat and threw him off the helicopter as he fell one thousand feet straight down to open water below them as she show no remorse whatsoever, as she wiped the blood off with the shirt I was wearing as she showed a dark cold stare " please Anna why are you continuing to kill people they never did anything to you and ewwwww!!! I just washed this yesterday" I said. Anna stared at me cold as she walked towrds the cockpit then she dives the helicopter down towards the water as her sick smile showed on her face " i hope you having fun my dear cause this will be your last unless you marry me and never have me out of your sights" Anna said. i replyed back to her in a scared way " please okay OKAY!!! i'll marry you just please why are you doing this?" i said. Anna replied " i love you gab i just want what's best for you, you can't lie to me, that princapal of yours was falling for you, don't worry, I took care of it, I slit her throat so she out of the way (anna looked in the rear view mirror) you think i'm sick you think i need help, i don't need help, I enjoy killing people it's just the rush i get out of it, you can't change me gab, i will always kill no matter who your with, i will always want you and need you, you can't hide your feelings for me gab, you just can't" she said with a sick giggle.

The End

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