chapter 6Mature

As we begin with the stadium filled with screams the owner called security as they got to our row Anna yelled at security "Don't take another step or I’ll kill her" she said with anger. Rush came by where we were sitting, as he looked at me “yo tell your girl to calm down we can't continue the football game with her getting all the attention." Rush said.

I looked at him then I looked at the news choppers the reporters even sports reporters was into this "I got an idea" I said. So I tapped on Anna shoulder as she looked at me " you want attention your on the news" I said to her then reporters flied in asking her questions while she had the knife next to Max neck " get out of here!" she said. Then Anna looked at me as her eyes widen " marry me NOW!!!" she said.

Max looked at me as she shook her head no, but I had choices but what were they? The only choice it came down to was 1 marry her or 2 my sister dies. I knew that enough is enough, as I stood up for my sister max.

"Take me for Max" I said with tears rolling down my eyes, " Just keep my sister out of this please!!!" I said begging.

Then the cops came thru the stadium just a few feet away from her as the chef raises his hands and has no weapons as Anna get more insane and twisted.

"What are cops doing here, I didn't want no cops here get them outta here now or I swear to god, I'm killing your sister to the point where you can't save her DO IT NOW!!!" Anna yelled.

I begged her to not kill my sister, but if I didn't do what she asked of me I was too burry my sister. But I don't hit women if she wants everything her way fine. I'll give it to her, but in the end she'll feel hurt. When I finally leave her for good. And I wasn't going to burry my sister not this time not ever.

"Chef tell your men to back off, just do this for my sister for Pete sakes" I said to him.

The chief listened as his men went out of the stadium, but the chef stayed as he told her "There's no way outta here your surrounded by news and us so I suggest you give up quietly." he said to Anna.

So as Anna with the knife pointed at my sister’s neck was still insane I had to make the biggest choice that could save my sisters life

To be continued....

The End

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