chapter 5Mature

It was 4 in the afternoon, Max was in her room doing homework as well as listing to heavy metal music, I for one who had math homework on division couldn't concentrate on it, As I banged on the wall to tell Max to turn it down, But she couldn't hear it as I put my hand over my head frustrated, As I marched towards her room as I banged on her door, "Turn that music down, I can't concentrate " I said. Max paused her music as she opened the door as she yelled at me, " why can't you go downstairs and concentrate I love basting my slipknot band in my ears" Max said yelling.

So by me going downstairs I for one went outside as I walked towards the door as I opened it, a guy named Rush was at my door. (He was 5 ft and weight about you average wide receiver) he played for the Mohegan Sun Raiders (for all you guys that don't live in New England it's a Casino) they have the perfect record back to back-to-back 16-0. I don't know how the coach of the team does it, but it surly worked, but anyway Rush came to my door as he asked me for something " yo! Man I seen you run and boy I think you should join the Mohegan sun raiders, we can use your awesome speed for a 4th straight title" Rush said. I looked at him sure I would love the offer, But I had to turn him down, I looked back into his eyes, I try to say it without hurting his feelings "look! I would love too, but I think you guys do a great job with the teammates you have, so with boost of confidence I say GOOOOOO!!! RAIDARS!!!" I said with a shout. Rush looked at me with a smile on his face as he asked, " you don't mind coming along to see us play ageist the Huskies" Rush said.

I froze not even moving as I said his name in a whisper "jasper". Rush looked at me as he felt the hurt too. "Yeah we will all miss him, I understand how u feel about the Huskies losing there team mate, But are you willing to go even for him" Rush said.

I looked at him one last time I said to him " sure anything for jasper, I will be there to cheer both teams on" I said with a tear rolling down my eye as I tried to hold it back.

So around 6pm the game started. I was in the stands in the very front row where I can see all the action as Max tugged my shirt as I looked at her she pointed towards the entrance, as I saw Anna. I sighed, why did she come, I wasn't expecting her here,

But anyway as she found me, She pushed my sister to the side hard as she sat next to me then she hugged me super tight "I wasn't expecting to find you here, But now that your here you can focus on me all the time, Never mind the game" Anna said with her eyes crossed.

I stood up as Anna looked up at me "look your not going to ruin my fun, I came here to cheer on Rush and his team and not paying attention to u all the time" I said. Then Anna grabbed my sister Max as she pointed a knife at her throat as the crowd gasps in fear "Do u want your sister to live?" Anna said with a sick twisted look in her face. Max got scared as she cried " Brother please help me I. I don't want to die." She said. I try to reason with her " Okay okay look just put the knife away and we can work something out (I shed a tear) just please don't hurt my sister." I said.

Anna knew I was giving in to her demands, As she told me to get on my knees and kiss her feet if I wanted my sister to live, Even on the football court Rush was watching and he couldn't believe his eyes.

" Yo! Coach I got to help my friend out" Rush said.

With the news and everyone watching, this was something that nobody will ever forget as the strange adventure continues.

The End

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