Melting Ice by Clearing Smoke

The call echoed tension, coiling with each ring. His rough voice answer, and her suprise staled her a moment too long. 

She couldn't voice the things that needed to be said, the pain hidden behind silence. She smiled to make her voice sound cheery over the phone, but there were tears inside. She sought to find where he stood. She feared his inner tears would dampen is internal fire.

Once again, the person who understood her spilled his most honest concerns, and she listened as his confidant, not lover's compitition. She felt the tears in his concerns and he reached the revelation her closeness confused him. He felt anxious, wanting the old perfect, and disloyal to think of tearing himself from the new and improved. 

In a trap of hearts, there is smoke and unclear lines, and he tired as he tried to push away a discomfort that couldn't be ended with force. 

She wanted to send her body through the phone, to hold and look him in the eyes as she reassured him it would improve. She felt superior, having felt these exact feelings before. In the confliction of excitement versus stability, its too easy to lash out at the stability, angry it doesn't change. Angry its hard to fly when your grounded. 

She bit back tears as the verdict she dispelled on him so long ago as reformed and layed arcoss her heart in a warding of distance. She knew it wouldn't last. She knew there was so much more to their relationship than restriction, and it would be hard to fly free with her when she still had his heart, and distance made it hard to breathe. 

But she didn't want to let him make those same mistakes she had made, and pushed for him to see the light. There was a solution beyond the horizon, and she had already been to great heights to see them, as he shortly would. 

There was a way to melt the ice between the three competative companions. He banged his head against a wall trying to love enough for the two to both be satisfied. But he lay in the naive as he underestimated their intentions. He felt trapped between blades of his two loves' pains because he misunderstood their happiness. She spoke with passion as she revealed that his happiness was her happiness, and it didn't pain her to see him happy even at the expense of restricting part of their relationship. She ran with the girl who ran, eye to eye, on intentions to neither would feel distrust, as they knew the other's intent. In complete honesty, there is no smoke, and no jealousy. 

She pulled his head from the wall, now covered in rubble, and tried to persuade him to see it her way. There was hope. Times would be rocky at the start, but there was intent and passion, honesty and thoughtfulness that fueled her positive outlook on things. 

He was scared to believe for the better, convinced the blades of smoke were too close to damage, and he feared closeness to either girl. 

She blew away some smoke by providing an uncertain answer: let it be. Play it by ear and see if the blades slowly dissolve. With a hesitantly trusting hope, he closed his eyes, and walked though the smoke to the clear side. 

The End

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