Danger of the darknessMature

A girl and her brother are the kids of a drug dealer. They have been having problems in school like most kids but they have been a bit worse. Their father gets caught, and they are now forced to live in a cops house going to the school for the crim leaders brats.

This is Chapter One.


I ran my hand of his hair it was so soft, yet it had a really damp feel to it. He smiled at me his teeth red, bloody like he had just taken a big bite out of an animal. I shut my eyes and when I opened them he was still there, I sucked in a breath for I knew it would be my last. If it wasn’t I was shocked, his eyes were cold; they made me feel stuck in my place. I wondered how long I had been under his spell, his eyes said, ‘I won’t eat you, and be my friend... I don’t bite....’ but his mouth said differently. I feared him like I should have, I wasn’t wrong. Was I?

 I felt myself being shook awake, I wanted to leave but I couldn’t this was what he did to me. He made me want to stay when I had to get back to my life. “Sam” they called out to me,Sam stay with us, you will always be happy here…I knew they were right in some way but I shut my eyes again hoping that I would soon be gone from that world and back into my own.



When I awoke I was staring into my brothers eyes, they were a light blue color he always had beautiful eyes. “Sam, we are going to be late if you don’t hurry and get dressed.” He said with a worried tone, I had been sleeping a lot now and he thought maybe I was sick when he knew I wasn’t. “Jack give me a few minutes okay? I’m not going to change into my uniform with you staring at me like a pervert...”  I said, he was taken back by that and he blushed slightly, “I wasn’t staring, -" he paused it seemed he had to think why he wasn’t staring at me now “- Who would want to stare at an ugly troll!” he screamed as he ran out of the room.

My room was a form of mixed colors, mostly blues, and whites. I ran my hand threw my hair trying to get the rat nests out so I would look okay for school. It had been a while since I’d been I wondered how my friends were since I had gotten myself kicked out. I was going to a new school with my older brother Jack even though he is older than me, I seem like the oldest. I rubbed my eyes; it was too early to be getting up. It had to be five o’clock in the morning, with a sigh I got out of bed and slipped on my new school uniform.  It was okay looking, but it kind of clashed with my long black hair; I had always loved the school girl uniforms from the anime and Manga. I never thought that I would be able to wear something like them. I laughed lightly so that Jack didn’t hear me as I pulled on the tie we were to wear, girls wore ties and the guys didn’t. It seemed fitting, I had always wanted to wear a tie but I never was able to get my hands on Jacks. I must have been spacing out because when I turned around Jack was standing at my door looking at me trying to tie my tie.

“Sam, do you need any help?” he said as he looked at the tie I was trying to tie still It was in a messy knot. I cocked my head to the side, “What do you think?” I said with a small smirk forming on my lips, this was the first time since mom died that he really asked me if I needed help. It felt good for him to be asking me that, since I was still in high school with him he always thought I was very strong. But now that I think about it maybe it was just that I always got into fights with the male students so that I always beat them he didn’t really think of me as a female. I gave him my little growl that I did when I was mad, he laughed and walked over to me and began to tie it for me. I looked down watching him as he tied it, “Thanks, it seems you always have the right magic to tie this thing.” I said as I pulled my hair up into a tight pony tail. I looked away from him and his magic fingers that always seemed to find the right place to knot it. “What do you think dad is doing right now?” I asked he pause on my tie, when I looked up to see his face it seemed pained. Our father was a big time drug dealer which seemed to get us stuck into trouble a lot, but now that he was in jail and that we were given to this school for the ‘Crime leaders brats’ he had been taking it the hardest. This school seemed nice don’t get me wrong, we did the walk through and it was very peaceful. Jack sighed, “Sam, I trust you not to get into any fights so don’t let me down. Got it?” I nodded I felt a bit hurt that he didn’t trust me but then again why should he? I was the one that got dad caught in the first place, we were in a small town called Lynchburg which hardly anyone knew about. Dad or aka ‘Black bullet’ was here selling some of his drugs to some high school students, and a gym teacher. I was having some harmless fun with one of the high school students named ‘Jason’ we were just smashing mailboxes around the high school. The police were on our trail and had followed us back to my father’s hide out for the time being. I was so mad at myself; the police officer saw my dad and radioed the other police officers for back up. We didn’t know till it was too late, it all happened so fast. All I know about that day after the police raided my father’s hideout I was in the back room with Jack, Jason had been shot in the cross fire. But that was mostly because he was too high to get down, but maybe I was wrong; he could have just been trying to protect Jack, and I from the spray of the guns.

The police took Jack, and I too a small house that was covered in the woods on your way up to the college that was on the hill. The cop lived there it seemed he trusted us, which was a good thing for the time being. Since the buss wore off from the drugs I was walking around on the outside of his house. It seemed like a good place to be if you loved the smell of dirt in the morning, and wanted to track deer crap inside your house. “So your names are Sam, and Jack right?-"  he didn’t want for us to responded, “- you know what your father was doing right but why didn’t you tell the police. I know he is your father but what he was doing was very wrong.” I laughed and Jack slapped me in the back of the head, “Well, who picks what is right, and what is wrong? Can you tell me that? For all you no Right is wrong and wrong is right. Or maybe right is as wrong as right and wrong is as right as right is right.” I said. Jack gave a small laugh it seemed what I said had miss lead the cop.


The End

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