My untimely and unlikely death

I am sitting in the computer lab at school.
It is very possible that I could die from......

-The screen exploding in my face

-One of the year sevens in the next room could decide to go on a rampage!!!!!!!

-Due to bad electrical work I could be electrocuted through the keyboard

-The teacher that has just entered the room could need my help to get one of the computers up and running and i could fail causing me to die of embarresment

-The airconditioning could accidentally turn into a heater cooking me alive

-The computer desk could collapse on my legs them to be cut off so i die from blood loss

-Or The screen in font of me could explode but I duck to avoid it, this would cause one of the year sevens in the next room to snap making him go on a rampage. He starts shooting but misses somebody and instead hits a cord causing a power surge stopping me from being able to write here



-Or my brother could kill me for hacking into his facebook profile again

The End

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