I'm sitting at a computer desk in an antique dining chair. This desk just happens to be in my bedroom underneath my loft bed.

  • I'll start with the obvious one: the loft bed could collapse and crush me.
  • There are old cookie boxes with crumbs in them that could attract rats. Those rats could have diseases that I could possibly contract and die from.
  • There are at least seven crochet hooks that I could be shanked with.
  • I could also be shanked by my scissors.
  • Or, if someone really wanted to shank me properly, they could just use the Kershaw hunting knife that is also on my desk.
  • I could turn on my lava lamp and it could break and scald me to death. 
  • There is a thirty pound piggy bank in the corner of the room that could be dropped upon my head.
  • The cheap and poorly made lamp behind me could electrocute me.
  • Someone could hang me off the loft bed using one of my belts.
  • There are eight overdue library books. The librarians will be coming soon.

The End

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