xEnIe - pArAnOiD

Im sitting on the floor during school assembly. I could die because-

= The cieling could colaps due to bad maitanence, crushing me.

=Lack of ventilation in the stuffy small hall could cause me to suffocate and die. 

=My school teachers decide we are all evil childeren, lock us up, and start a student assassination, thereby shooting me dead.

=My principle could go insane, grow claws and teath, and EAT me. 

=A drunk truck river, delivering the school text books, could ram into the front gate, straight into the hall, killing me.

=The principal could tell me, in front of the whole school, that I have to repeate all my exams (out of some sadistic pleasure) causing me to die on the spot from a mental breakdown.

=The principle is about to tell me to redo all my exams in front of the whole school, when A drunk truck driver carring school books could run into the building, hiting only the principle, who (because her plan to have me die from a nervous break down fails) goes insane, grows claws and teath and eats the truck driver. This makes the rest of the teachers believe that the assassination against students has begun, and they lock the doors and begin a shoot out. Due to lack of ventilation after locking the doors, half the students die, but i servive since there is more oxygen since half the people have stopped breathing. One stray bullet hits the shaky roof causing it to fall, but i hid under an obease girl and save myself. I finally break open the doors and run free, but my sister finds me and kills me for wearing her hairband.


Its school................ the reasons are obvious!!!! 

The End

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