Spook's Sticky Situation

I am sitting on the edge of a swimming pool. I could die by:

  • Falling into the water and forgetting how to swim.
  • A giant shark could leap out of the water and rip me to pieces.
  • I could jump into the water and hit my head on the bottom.
  • The lifeguard could decide to duck me under the water and hold me there for too long so I drown.
  • That fat lady doing very slow lengths at the other end of the pool could sit on me and crush me to death.
  • The water could suddenly turn to ice and freeze me in place until I die of starvation.
  • I might forget to breathe and suffocate myself.
  • I could do something incredibly stupid in front of the whole pool and die of embarrassment.
  • I could decide to pretend to be a shark and attack the fat lady at the other end of the pool and she could scream and the lifeguard could turn on me and duck me under the water but I wriggle free but leave my swimming costume behind and crawl out onto the poolside and become so embarrased by everyone laughing at me that I forget to breathe and suffocate.

Or alternately...

  • I could walk out of the pool and get hit by a car in the road.


The End

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