Im sitting in a park on a bench, under a tree i could be killed by-

* A tree thats been half cut by a woodcutter. It could fall and squish me.

*The bench could giveway, thus id fall off roll into the streat and be smashed by a cement mixer truck-thingy!

*A rabbid squiril could decide that it dislikes me, and pelt me with pine cones, that could hit me exactly on the pressure at my throat, causing me to die instantly.

*A crazy old man with an iron stick who thinks i look like the general from Russia's army, which he fought  100 odd years ago, could beat me to death.

*Newton's ghost could decide to re check his theory on gravity, but instead of an apple , drop pointy a pine cone from the tree onto my head, causing my brain to spit open

* A bunch of drunk kids comeing home from a party the night before, could start driving horribly off the road, take a short cut through the park and smash into me.

*A bunch of drunk kids comming home from a party the night before startles a woodcutter into throwing his axe at the tree beneath which i sit, causing a rabbid squirle to get alarmed and pelt me with pine cones. The pine cones remind a crazy old man about the grenades that were pelted on the Russian General in a war (the one which occured 100 years ago) casing him to beat me with his steal stick, but due to bad aim, he hits the tree, that gives up due to the force of the man and Newton's force of gravity, bashing down on the legs of the park bench, causing the bench to break, me to role of it onto the streat and get hit by a cement mixer truck thingy!AND DIE!

*Or my sister could kill me for wearing her jeans that day.

The End

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