Danger Everywhere *screams*

OK, this is going to be slightly different. The main reason I'm doing this is because I'm... nit bored, exactly, but... you know. So I thought, I'll put a collaborative story on and see how many people contribute.

This story is about how much danger we're in. If you want to add a Chapter, just add your username as the chapter heading, then list all the things around you that could kill you, and how.



Lemony Good

I am sitting at - a computer desk, sitting on a stool

I could be killed by...

* The computer - it could electrocute me and fry my brains

* The scanner - it could fall on my foot and I'd die from the blood loss

* One of the paperclips - they could get lodged in my throat and choke me

* The earphones - what if someone tries to garotte me with them?

* The lamp - the bulb could blow and splinter millions of tiny bit of glass into my brain

* My dog - he could go insane and bite my head off

* My sister - for obvious reasons


Now it's your turn! Try to be as imaginative as possible. And please... don't die.

x x x



The End

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