Dandelion Wire - Chapter 0

Upon returning to his old country home, Alan finds his little sister Alice's diary detailing her traumatic encounters with monsters that live in the Pit at the End of the Garden. During a severe thunderstorm, he becomes trapped and must face the denizens of the Pit and defeat once and for all, his little sister's demons.

The little girl walked cautiously along the relatively short corridor back to her room. She had only gone for a glass of water – were they really this tenacious? Barely 6 years old, Alice already knew they were just doing what it is they do, there was nothing special about her, she was just a little more receptive than her older brother or parents. The house was in total darkness and the ancient oak floorboards creaked under the relatively small weight of the girl. The moon shone in from the expanse of countryside beyond the confines of the house and gave a faint ethereal gleam to some of the walls, but unfortunately didn't reach as far in as the corridor that overlooked the main hall.

They had always been there, she knew, but not always so obvious. She remembered the first time she saw them. That memory flashed quickly through her mind as she listened intently to the faint scuttling of the Longbody behind the walls. It was always the (or a?) Longbody first. Then something else came, never the same one twice. She became quite scared then because she remembered what the Longbody looked like. A sudden thump made her stifle a shriek and run to her room. In there, shethought, I have my Wire. She could very clearly hear the Long body scuttling on its six hands, the ragged nails tapping against the floor. She didn't look back, she knew not to.

Almost there, almost within the boundary.

Then, of course, there came another. Not a Longbody, but an (the?) Inkman. She didn't really know what else to call it. It looked a man, but totally black, like ink or oil, and covered in a huge cloak. And from beneath this cloak there extended many long armsno, tentacles. With hands on the end that had fingers ending in points, but not claws. It didn't so much as walk or lumber as flow or bleed across the wooden floor. It was completely featureless, that somehow, was the worst part. The tentacle-hands gripped the walls, the bannister of the stairs and the ceiling, others slowly winding towards her. Alice knew it could move faster – she had seen it do so before, but it seemed to enjoy scaring her. The Longbody scuttled closer behind her, no doubt that hateful hairless face flashing its thin, cone-like teeth.

But then something came Alice didn't expect, something she had seen before, but never this close. For a mere nanosecond, fascination and curiosity were prime, until, that is, she saw it properly. It was bigger than the Inkman and Longbody, bigger, even, than her daddy. It stood between her and the Inkman, right before her parent's door. It was wearing what looked a big ceremonial head-dress, a huge vaguely conical, vaguely pyramidal brace of some kind that looked ornate and terrible. There was a space in it so she could see its mouth. It was nothing more than a lump with with a ragged, toothy slit. The rest of the face was covered in a monstrous, bronze mask. Muscled and with metallic, golden skin it put forth an alien hand to grab her throat, but her screams roused her parents before it could get near. Her mother flung the door open, but didn't touch the towering horror. Bright, yellowish light burst through the doorway, flooding the blackness with reassuring illumination.

Immediately, the Longbody scuttled into a faint crack in the skirting boards and the Inkman leapt back into a great dark pool of shadows. The giant didn't move. It looked even worse in the light. Intricate scar-like designs ran all over its body and it wore some kind of robe around it's legs that trailed behind it in no particular direction. It reminded her of a perverse bridal gown. She could see its legs, and they were covered in a bizarre amalgamation of belt-like straps and chain-mail. For all its monstrous features, it looked to Alice kind of regal and powerful, so she decided there and then it was their king and very, very powerful, standing in the clear safety of the light, with her mother in full view. It didn't breath, it didn't move or speak – it just was. In her head, she called it the Pyramid God.

Then she blacked out.

The End

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