New smile

It was our last night together, before my love had to go to the battle.
At the day as I gave him my heart, I decided to be much more to him then just a woman. He deserved so much more! I wanted to be his muse and his strength. Something like a song that will make his heart beat even if his body wants to give up from all the injuries.
Something like a safe island which will be there, on the same place, no matter how strong the storms are that push the ship across the oceans.

I didn’t want to make him depend on me.
He will simply know that I am there no matter where he is and what he is doing. That I am the one which will be his friend in battle, watching his back from deathly blows and wish will be his loving wife, which is awaiting him with an open heart and her open arms, no matter at what time of night or day he returns to me.
I hoped that he knew that at that night.

We were laying very close to each other. Our bodies so hard to distinguish in the darkness, our breaths melting into a single breeze which made our hearts beating faster.
Our lips, slowly tasting the sweetness of lover’s kisses and our eyes, diving deep into the lover’s soul.
If I could just get enough of him! But all he did made me yearn for more.

My dear knight! He was so close to me, and in few hours I supposed to let him go.
We didn’t know it but I could feel it coming.
I was still weak from my own hungry demons, which were trying to conquer me, but nothing could steal the faith I had in him.

Just before the dawn we heard a loud yell at our door.
He just looked at me, grabbed his armour and weapons and headed into the darkness.
The gates of our village were burning and he had to defend them. He didn’t have time to say Goodbye and I was happy for that, because that meant that he would return. He would never leave me without a word.

Days have passed and dark thoughts molested my heart.
I could feel his heart beating, but it was in pain. He didn’t have to talk to me to let me know that he was captured. His heart never accepted captivity and I could feel how it fights against the chains he was in.
I thought that he was giving up. Something cold grabbed me and not even a big fire could warm me up. The more woods I put on it the colder it got. This home missed the warmth he gave to it. Without him our house was nothing but a pile of stones with a cooling fireplace in the middle of it.

In my dreams, when I could sleep, I could see him suffer and break.
Then, suddenly, I got a message from him.
Tear stained paper… it hurt me more then any arrow that would go through my body.
His words caressed my soul like his hands used to do.
“Wait for me” he said.
And that is what I will do… as always.

Long time ago my knight saved me from death and from myself. He showed me what real love is, how a man should fight for his love and that there is nothing you can say, that will explain things better then a tender kiss or touch.
I became his hope and his loyal companion for this and many next lives, until the life itself exists.

As the night came again I blew out the candle and turned to the moon. It would whisper him all he ever has to know.
Our village is safe, our home is untouched, my wounds are healing and I am waiting for him.
His muse… whispering the words of the poem he is trying to write onto the humid stone of his cell.
His hope… that all is happening with a good cause and that people we love will always be there for us.
His strength to survive this hurricane and once the prison has fallen apart to step out of his cell and walk home to me as a free man and a winner in another battle of life.

Another night is falling.
The village breathes hard again.
But in this chaos there is one smile that cuts through the darkness like a ray of light.
Same as I felt the darkness coming, tonight while everything I see around me is desperation, I feel something new, something good.
This feeling is like a sparrow in the early spring mornings… just a messenger of the others which are about to come.

I see my man, walking with all his pride and as a winner.
His captivity, nothing but a bad memory, and I hear the well known steps in front of our door.
Smile on my face as I open the door and see the dearest face in the world.
I close my arms around him and kiss his lips.

The night is still there. But the closer the dawn is, the more I expect to open my eyes and find my knight laying by my side and holding me close.

Good night my dear knight. May the morning bring you peace and freedom so you can return to me.
I love you!!

(Happy Birthday!)

The End

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