Dark dreams

Somewhere behind my eyes another dark spot started spreading across my dreams and my life.
Too many nights I’ve been alone, looking at the shadows which were supposed to be just what they are. But they were coming to life every night and were dancing for me.
The perfect performance… and the perfect passion!
Not a place where I would love to be more… then just there, acting the role of my shadow…

But they mostly made me cry.
It was more like a dream then like reality and I don’t want to wake up.
And yet I feel that something strange is going on inside my heart and, more important, inside my lover’s heart.
My feelings are just an echo of his dreams and hopes. Are they fading?

I don’t know…
All I know is that my life is attached to his forever and the knot has been sealed with our secrets and our kisses. Nothing will ever tear me apart from him.
Even a new love will have to leave a small spot inside his heart for me.
Even death will have to leave a thin path for him to find me when his time comes.

Why do I have such thoughts?… again… I don’t know.. there is something that tells me that my heart will bleed soon. And my feelings never betrayed me.

As I see myself walking to that well known dark room again… tearing that black dress to pieces and putting on my old armor, there is another sting through my heart. Just a warning maybe.. or beginning of the death?
I don’t know yet. But I am ready to take my axes and daggers and stand in the first lines of fight for whom I love and for what I believe.
As the night slowly begins to fall there is this cold feeling taking me over… maybe in the morning I will not be anything but another shadow. Then I can join this dance of life… just a role, but doesn’t matter… maybe some other eyes will imagine themselves right there..playing my role and kissing another shadow of a silhouette, that is so far away…

The End

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