The moonlit path (1)

i lay in bed and think of what has happened over the past few days… allot of tests…grueling homework…and two lovers, ripped apart at the seam come back together and try to forget all that has torn them apart…as u can see, i have thought about the latter of the few more than any, but still to no avail…i walk down the moonlit path where we first saw each other and i look at the destruction this past week has done to it…tree snapped at the trunk like simple twigs, all the trees left standing are but shadows of the magnificent beings they used to be…all the glowing mysteriousness of the landscape cast aside to reveal the dirty, rough core beneath…if we ever want to have this magic again, it will take countless hours of work, and all that we have…i know that she would all but kill herself for me…but can i ever get back to what we used to be?…i guess that this is the real question…do i see our relationship as being able to be saved?…as i look around i remember how i brought her here to my secret place…somewhere where we could escape all of the days troubles, and all those who said we could never be…but now it is nothing but a wasteland, terrorized by the second thoughts and second chances given to the undeserving…i also remember Tuesday morning, on the way to school, coming to destroy this place…and all the destruction i have caused because of something she said to me…today, we went to another forest…somewhere where my parent could never touch me nor could i be bothered by the simple tasks at hand…and i remember how i let these things worry me a we sat in solitude, seconds away from true freedom, i brought them back into existence…"

The End

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