Healing the wounds (2)

Tears as hot as hell run down my face.
My hands pulled on my dress and torn it apart until he could see my armour under it.
I took the pieces of dress and threw them into a remaining fire.
“I can’t live without you. I came as fast as I could. Said that I will never break your heart and I did. And now I came to heal it and to never leave you again”
- “My dreams tell me that you will betray me again”

I knelt in front of him and said: “I will never leave you again! NEVER!”

He tried to stand up and I helped him, but then he just turned his back to me and walked away toward the forest.
There was nothing in this world that could make me leave him. Even he couldn’t. I would be there even if he didn’t want me.

But my strength left me as I saw him leaving and I could just whisper his name.
He heard me and turned around.
I fell to his feet and started crying.
“Please, just let me stay with you. I will heal you and maybe you will love me again one day.”

As I looked up to him there was this tenderness in his eyes again. He said that he is not sure if he can do that. But he also said that I could stay and he will see if he can trust me again.
His fingers were stroking over my hair full of ashes and I took his hand and kissed it.

I was ready to do anything to prove my love to him. Even if it takes ages and billions of tears… they would at least make our trees alive again.

We entered the small forest house and I slowly took off his armour and helped him lay on the bed.
There was a long and restless night before us, and he was bleeding.
I boiled some water and started cleaning his wounds and putting fresh herbs on them.
His face was full of pain but there was something that gave me hope.
Every time I washed the wound he reacted less to pain, when I kissed his forehead or his hand or his eyes…
It meant something to him and I decided to free him from all the pain he would ever feel without me.

The moon raised again and we watched it’s light through the small window.
- “I wish we were outside and dancing” he said.
“We will be my love”
The spring breeze entered the house and made us dream again. It seemed that all was forgotten.

This place had its magic no matter that it was almost destroyed. Maybe we didn’t believe in it enough, but the trees believed in us and they showed us what we really wanted.
I sat by the wall and my knight leaned on my chest so we could watch the moon together. We were one soul again and that was all our forest needed to start living again, like our love does.

The End

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