Healing the wounds (1)

The sun is about to rise.

I turned around again and saw my prince on the bed. I woke him up slowly and told him that I had to go.
Told him that my heart is by someone else and that I can’t be his love any more.
He looked at me in disbelief. After all, he thought that he has won.
He still thought that something has to do with winning. But he forgot that someone looses when someone wins. And he didn’t deserve to be the winner.

After the letter I wrote to my knight I had a restless night and even as I fell asleep my tears didn’t stop falling.
My heart was broken, I wasn’t sure if it was still alive. I was sure that I destroyed his heart and that I couldn’t let him go just like that.

I realized that he was my only love and happiness and that nothing could make me alive again if I don’t go right away and find him.

There was nothing that I wanted to take with me except my weapons.
They were hidden somewhere, but I found them. No need to pretend any more, I knew what I was and where my place is.

As I was about to leave the house the prince grabbed my wrist and tried to hold me back. Icy look in my eyes made his blood freeze and he just let me go. He didn’t know me well enough. Thought that I will never be able to fight for my dreams and future.

The carriage was about to leave as I arrived to that street.
I run after it and managed to get in. There was nothing of a princess left in me.
I never was one.

The journey was too long.
The time passed different in my knight’s land and in the land where I lived.
One day was a year to him. I thought that it might be too late.
The carriage stopped and I came out by the path that should lead to him.

My heart stopped beating.
A scream escaped from my lungs: NOOOOO!
I started running as fast as I could.
I saw my knight leaned on a birch, he could hardly breathe from all the injuries and and weakness. His armor was broken and the whole place was devastated.
Trees were burned and cut, grass has turned to ashes and there was nothing alive there except both of us.

I thought that he fought against the whole army.
Then I saw his face and realized that he fought against himself, his feelings and his pain.
Against the trees and memories we had from this beautiful place.
And it was me who made the final blow.

I went to find some of the few herbs that were left and came back to put them on his wounds.
I wanted to kiss him but he just pushed me away.
- “What are you doing here? Go away and let me die in peace.” 

The End

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