Chapter 7 - Teeth and TearsMature

When Michael woke, he woke to chaos. Elle was screaming and kicking violently whilst Vlad tied her to a chair with some rough rope. It was necessary. She was our black mail. Michael would have to talk, or we'd kill his only lifeline, his only hope of survival. Elle's thin blonde hair whipped around her, cutting through the tense air as she fought uselessly, struggling against the binding chords. Vlad smiled as he pulled the final knot tight. Restricting the blood flow. Elle's arms went white.

Michael wriggled and moaned. As soon as Elle saw him stiring her eyes widened and she bit furiously at the greasy cloth tied around her mouth. Flailing, she kicked at Vlad. He sighed with impatience and stepped deliberately on her foot. Crack, the bone split and Elle sagged slightly, the pain breaking her persistent defiance. Silent tears dropped from her eyes and crawled over her pale cheeks. Vera stared at Vlad, as she saw the poor girl crying on the floor. Her eyes were filled with sympathy and, as her gaze met mine, just a twinkle of anger.

Michael began to sway and struggle against his bonds, murmuring some inaudible curse he opened his bleary eyes and stared around the room. Turning, Vlad noticed him and bending so he faced him directly he said

Oh good you're awake,” Vlad chirped in false cheery tone. Michael groaned and shuffled “Now my dear boy care to inform us why you brought this...” He waved a hand vaugley in Elle's direction “Human, into knowledge of our superior race,” Michael shook his head and stared blankly past Vlad, his mouth firmly shut. I smiled, Vlad wasn't having that.

No? Ok,” He stood up and walked around Michael “Well, I guess you need a little persuasion then” Vlad whipped a dagger out of his jacket and pushed it down viscously, it whistled through the air and slipped through Michaels shoulder blades with a sound like slicing meat. Michael screamed and thrashed, floundering from side to side. Vlad ripped the blade out and Michael yelled again, as another bout of pain screamed jolted him awake. Vlad sat once again, cross legged in front of him, his eyes were black with malice and a cold determination

Oh Micky,” He leaned forward smiling slightly “I could do this all night,” Looking down he observed the crimson blade carefully, twisting it through his thin fingers. Glancing at Michael he smiled. And slowly, still keeping Michael's horrified gaze fixed on him, he licked blood from the dagger until it gleamed. Michael's eyes widened with revulsion and he threw up. I wasn't surprised. When another Vampire drinks Vampire blood it is an insult of the deepest kind, it makes the vampire who's blood has been drunk seem like a human. In other words it reduces them to nothing, meat, bones and flesh.

Vera began to cough savagely and gag. She looked distressed, obviously upset by the display. I looked down at Vlad. His lips and teeth were red with gore and his face twisted with a snarl. He nodded in answer to my silent question. So, I walked toward Vera and, taking her gently by the shoulders guided her to the next room. I sat with her for a while, talking softly trying to make her understand. But carefully she pushed me away averting her eyes as huge blue tears fell from them. I tried for several more minutes until Vera said very quietly

Please, Peter just leave,” I sighed and frowned but did what she said. I walked away from the scared girl sobbing on the sofa. She was still very human.

I entered to yet more tortured screaming and then a cry of

Please ! Please ! I'll tell you anything just please stop,” Michael was curled in a corner covered in sick and blood. Desperate tears fell from his terrified eyes and his breathing was deep and erratic. I looked toward Elle, she was pale and still, but breathing softly. Somewhere within the chaos she must have fainted. Lastly I looked at Vlad. He looked terrible, a fallen angel in the gloom. Blood covered him and streaked his face, sweat dripped from his forehead and his usually neatly combed hair was knotted and messy. He dropped the two knifes he had been holding and walked away. As the knifes hit the floor they clattered. Michael flinched. As Vlad passed me he said quietly 

He is all yours now, do your thing Peter,” He pushed his way through the bathroom door and I stood alone. Staring down at Michael.

Stand up,” I barked loudly. Michael pulled himself upwards and cowered slightly “Go stand over there,” I ordered, pointing to the opposite corner, where a bucket of clean cold water and a sponge were placed. Hesitantly he shuffled to the corner. My face twisted with revulsion as I stuffed the rotting mattress into the bin and slammed the lid down. Then walking toward him I commanded him to strip, wash and pile his ragged clothes into the bin. I strode into the next room and grabbed some clean clothes from the cupboard. Upon entering I saw Michael drying himself with a rough woollen towel I had left for him. He stood naked and scared. He seemed so young, betraying himself as the terrified 17 year old boy he was. I chucked the clothes at him and turned to face the opposite wall. After a minute I turned back around and fetched two chairs from the bar. Motioning for him to sit I bound his feet and hands with rope and then sat down in the chair facing his. Even after all that he still looked ill, pale and rough. I ran my hands down my face and pushed my hair back.

Ok Michael, lets talk,” He nodded and swallowed “Firstly,” I said, looking straight at him “Why Elle?”

Michael frowned and looked downwards pressing his finger tips together. For a while he didn't speak, he seemed to be contemplating his answer, thinking it through. Finally he said

I don't know really.” He murmured, still staring at the floor “The first time I saw her I just knew, she was so beautiful and she smelt so good,” A dreamy expression softened his features “I could tell she was special,” He looked up, straight at me then his eyes bright with fresh enthusiasm “You know?” I nodded mutely. I knew, I felt it too. She seemed like a beacon, a flame, burning with inner humanity. We were the moths and she was the light, drawing the monsters in.

So what happened next?” I asked cautiously. Michael started at the sound of my voice, as if waking suddenly from a trance. Staring up at me he reminded me of an animal, a startled deer caught in the headlights

Well, I asked her out and she said yes,” He blinked and smiled suddenly. But then his grin faltered “But then she arrived,” He looked back at his feet and his voice grew thick with suppressed anger “Claiming things, ordering me around. At first I said no, I refused but then, well shes hard to argue with,” A shiver ran down his spine. I grabbed his shoulders and turned him to face me

Who, Michael?” I shook him gently “Who came?”

Tears filled his eyes as he looked at me

Her, the one they all talk about, the one they all fear," He stared at me a kind of fierce fear blazing within him. "Anna Iuramento,” His voice shook as he said the name. For a second I froze, Anna? How was Anna involved? Suddenly I let go of Michaels arm's, stood up and began to pace, a million thoughts ravaging my mind. I kicked at my chair and swore

Shit!” Vlad rushed through, wooden stake held ready. He had obviously heard the chair and suspected violence. When he saw Michael sitting quietly in the corner he relaxed dropping his raised arm. However he still seemed wary and walking to stand next to me he nodded at Michael.

He making trouble Peter?” I shook my head and moved in front of him, blocking his veiw of Michael, running my hands through my hair

Don't mind about him anymore Vlad, we've got bigger problems heading our way,” Vlad raised one eyebrow and I sighed reluctantly.

She's after us Vlad,” Vlad still looked puzzled “Anna Iuramento,” Vlad's eyes widened as horror transformed his features. He cursed wordlessly and began to stride about the room. After a while he returned to standing in front of me and said shakily. 

Well that sucks,” 

The End

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