Chapter 5 - Bloody FledglingsMature

Several hours later a startling crash made me jump and my neck jerk upwards. A flare of motion from the next room disturbed the tender morning air. Could it be Michael ? My heart began to beat furiously, pushing what little blood I had around my tense muscles. Every sense was painfully acute as I pushed myself from the battered armchair and crept closer to inspect the hushed darkness. The air seemed still. But one small flicker of motion caught my attention.

A small figure stood hidden in the crook of the stair case. The light from the rip in the bricks illuminated the shadow. Without hesitation I bolted through the wall, my vision blurred as I leapt. I landed gracefully on the floor just below the intruder. Before they had time to react I grabbed at their legs tackling them to the floor. Suddenly I was engulfed in a obscure muddle of limbs. But I knew instantly I was stronger. I pressed the body to the ground rapping my hands around the neck and slamming its skull into the floor. Crack. I heard heavy foot steps and saw Vlad smash through the door carrying a shot gun. He pointed the gun at the ceiling and shot twice. The person beneath me started to scream and struggle even more, battling against my iron hard grip. Vlad turned the lights up. And the trespasser went limp. The smell of blood and sweat hovered around me. I looked down and clambered off the intruder, dragging them upright.

It was Vera, the changeling I had met yesterday in the coffee shop. Her lip was bleeding and crimson, hand shaped marks covered her arms. Blood dripped from the back of her head and ran through her scalp. Pulling her upright I pushed her onto one of the bar stools. Vlad stood, weary, his gun aimed at her face.

Vera what the hell?” I said crouching down to look at her eyes “What the fuck are you doing here?” Eventually she replied

I was looking for you,” She sobbed “I couldn't deal with it anymore, I needed help, someone said you'd be here so I came, the lights weren't on but I couldn't wait outside, I just couldn't, there are humans everywhere,” The words fell from her lips quickly. Shock, hunger and pain had broken her.

Come on,” I said leading her into the back room where Elle lay once again unconscious. “Just tap a couple of veins, your system may not respond well, but it will satisfy the cravings and help you heal,” Vera looked up at me seemingly perplexed “But how?” She whimpered soundlessly. I sighed heavily and murmured

Think about blood, the way it would feel inside you,” Vera closed her eyes and pulled a face of complete concentration. After a minute or so her canines slowly extended pushing her jaw muscle outwards. I picked up Elle's wrist and laid it on the table.

I'll give you some privacy,” I said and left without another word. Vlad sat at the bar a bottle of wine in hand.

Bloody fledglings eh?” I nodded taking the seat next to him and rubbing my eyes “This her first?” I nodded again “You should go back in a minute, you know how the young can get carried away, we don't want her killing our bait,” Yes I knew all to well how “Carried away” Fledglings could get. I punched the table in annoyance, swung off my seat and moved mechanically back into the other room. Vera sat there, blood covering her face tears streaming down her cheeks. Another life lost. Another innocent corrupted. I pointed her to the bathroom and turned back to Elle. Picking up her limp arm I speared my fangs into her, shivering as the blood surged through me, heating my cold bones.

Every time I fed I felt so human and yet so much more like a monster. It always frightened and thrilled me. 500 years had passed since my heart beat with my own blood. I didn't regret my transformation. I had never really suited humanity, I craved release, to let the animal take over, to let my senses both trap and invigorate me. I Delicately licked the excess blood from the wound and dropped her arm back on the coffee table. So it was 6:00am, I had a manic vampyre, a sobbing changeling and a unconscious human. All in all, a pretty average morning. 

The End

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