Chapter 4 - The Absence of CaringMature

 The hazy streetlights glowed amber under the starless sky. Freezing cold wind and icy rain pumelled my face as I looked toward the east, a weak white sun peeped over the horizon. The distant sound of cars, groaning and buzzing broke the disturbing quiet . A city that never sleeps, home to people who never would again. Suddenly the slap of wood on concrete broke my strange trance. Startled I looked down. Vlad stood in the hatchway, only his torso visible, beckoning to me. Steadily I knelt, the peaceful girl still curled helpless in my arms. Her clothes were soaked through, the wet cotton stuck to her skin. Beneath the opaque clothing her thinness was exceedingly obvious. I handed her to Vlad. He bore her weight easily. The older you get, the stronger you become. Frowning, he put a finger first to his red lips and then tentatively popped back her top button . Then he laid his index finger on her pale skin pointing at two small red marks on her collar bone. I took a sharp intake of breath, those weren't my marks. They looked small, like the marks of a young vampyre.

Without another gesture or word Vlad turned and dissapeared down the hatch. Hastily I scrambled, grabbing the bags I had brought from the girls house and followed Vlad slamming the door back behind me. I strode quickly through the main club, it still stank of tobacco, alcohol and dust from the night before. The huge hole smashed through the wall remained, bits of plaster flapped around the crack and a pile of chipped bricks lay on the maroon carpet. Turning I following Vlad through the open doorway. Carefully he placed on the old velvet sofa and flicked the small side lamp on. Its dim glow was enough to illuminate the whole room. Vlad had wandered into the small kitchen separated from the main living space by a block of thick panelled glass. I peered around the corner. Vlad stood in front of the counter hastily slicing a loaf bread. He looked up at me, green eyes piercing, scrutinising my every move. I wandered why. 

Do me a favour take all her wet clothes off and throw them in the bin, I don't want her to wreck the sofa,” I nodded mutely and walked back over to the corner where Elle lay, clearly unconscious. I ripped off her damp clothes and chucked them in the metal trashcan next to the cabinet. She lay naked, her skin so pale it was almost transparent. She looked like a corpse, devoid of all colour. Most fledginlings would have all but devoured her, she was unconscious, naked and alone. Ridiculously vulnerable. But I was not a fledgling, the sight of a naked woman, especially a human one, did not phase me.

Vlad strode back into the room carrying a plastic bag and placed a sandwich on the small side table next to the lamp. Then he perched at the end of the sofa next to Elle's feet. He withdrew from the bag he was carrying a pair of dark cotton trousers, a white t-shirt, and a large woollen blanket. 

Put them on her, once you've finished come find me, we need to talk,” He again disappeared. He was still watching me in that oddly alert manner.

Awkwardly I pulled the clothes onto the girls body. Pushing the material over her cold limbs. For a second I stared at the bite marks again. They looked deep and ragged. No control. I bent to reach the blanket on the dusty floor and pulled it up into the air, so it softly rippled down over Elle's legs and torso. I put the heater on, it began to pump out musty old air. 

I went to find Vlad, searching through the many doors and small crevices. At last I found him. He stood in the backroom staring blankly into the cracked and blotched mirror. When I entered he turned reluctantly ripping his gaze from the glass.

Its all done,” I sighed and collapsed on the floor “What do we do now?” I placed my head in my hands and bent my knees so my feet curled beneath me.

We wait,” He said wearily “Micheal won't take to long, I give it a couple of days at the most,” He ran his hands through his thick wavy hair

What if he doesn't come ? What if he doesn't care about that girl?” I gestured toward the next room. Letting his hair fall to one side Vlad looked down at me, slightly amused. When he spoke his voice thick with sarcasm.

I very much doubt there is any real love there,” Vlad smirked “Poor girl he has her convinced, judging by those bite marks she is just a easy way to get food and," He said smoothly "Other things,” A slightly crooked smile bent his lips.

Then what makes you think he'll come at all,” 

Blood Ties,” He replied a split second later.

Why hadn't I thought of this earlier ? Of course Micheal would be tied to her. It was lust and hunger that would entice Michael here, not love or caring. There was nothing better than the taste of a human you were bound to. Everything else tasted like shit. Many vampyres have gone mad because they've been connected to humans they can no longer reach. Michael wouldn't last the week. He couldn't feed on another, his gut would no longer process the nutrients, he would be violently sick and because of the lack of energy his body would start to decay and crumble. I smiled reluctantly. My job was almost done. As soon as Michael arrived we could send him to the courts and it would be out of our hands. But what would we do with the girl ? I stood up. Home, the only place I wanted to be right now.

Well I'll be off Vlad, I'll see you later,” Vlad put out his arm blocking my exit. A stern look halting my progress. “Vlad what the hell?”

Your not going anywhere Peter, your watching that human till Michael comes,” Vlad sounded tired but his voice was laced with threat.

But how am I going to feed ? Vlad, I'm fucking starving,” Vlad jerked his head towards the door. I knew what he meant. “Fine, but no longer than today and tomorrow,” Vlad smiled and the room seemed to lighten

Thank you dear,” He leant over to kiss softly me on the cheek and strode into his bedroom slamming the door behind him. I shivered and pushed the door open, slipping through and shutting it quietly. She lay exactly where we had put her, breathing gently. I moved over to the opposite corner where an old armchair slouched against the wall. I would wait till later to feed. I collapsed into the chair. Removing my book from my old canvas bag and began to read. 

The End

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