Chapter 3 - Blue Blood StainsMature


All day I watched. All day I waited. I walked up and down that quiet suburban street a million times. I paced the block and watched the girls house. No signs. He had to show up soon, I thought as I sat down on a thin rickety bench directly across the street from the house.It was 4pm, Michael couldn't stay away forever.

I began to grow frustrated. I hated this forced observation. The lack of action made me fidgety and hungry. Every human I saw looked like a walking meal. When there was nothing else to concentrate on the relentless craving took over, filling my restless thoughts with mouthwatering visions.

Hours passed and the feelings worsened. It was nearly dark now. The sun was low on the horizon. its crimson tendrils of light rapped around the blossom trees. I was pretty sure Micheal wouldn't return at night time. Not if he had half a brain cell. I decided to ring Vlad, he wouldn't be happy but I couldn't stay outside for much longer. I needed to feed. As I removed my phone from my leather shoulder bag I saw the girl walk down the street towards her house. Excitement jumped inside me, finally some activity. She began to rummage anxiously in her jean pockets. Unlocking the front door she slipped inside. A smile crept onto my previously sullen face. Humans were so stupid sometimes, she had left her keys in the outside lock. Hastily I rang Vlad. He wasn't happy that Michael hadn't turned up yet, but acknowledged that it wasn't my fault. When I told him about the girls entrance and the forgotten keys. He began to laugh.

“Humans!” He said cheerfully “Its like they want us to eat them,”

“Vlad, I've had an idea but I need you to okay it first,”

“Go ahead,” He said his voice sounding more serious now.

“Well surely the best way to get Michael's attention is through the girl, if I were to pay her a friendly visit, ask her a few useful questions, I could maybe find out a bit more about Michaels whereabouts, do you agree?” The silence on the other end of the phone told me Vlad was thinking carefully, weighing up the risks and opportunities. After a few minutes he reached a decision

“Ok Peter, but keep it clean, we don't want any messy business. if she seems at all troublesome bring her to Base. We don't want to attract undue attention from the wrong people,”

“Right, ok. Noted,” I said “I'll see you later Vlad,” I hung up, shouldered my bag and began to walk toward the girls house.

I had never seen it in daylight before. It was a modern detached house, roses and vines played on the creamy stone. The freshly painted windows and doors were all a startling white and the garden was trimmed to perfection. I chuckled under my breath, the appearance was far to idillic to be real, fear lived in this house. It seeped under the door frame, you could smell it hidden among the roses, you could hear its mournful whispering in the creak of the garden gate. No matter how hard people try to hide beneath lies, the truth always leaks out eventually.

Carefully I walked up the steep stone steps to the front door. Quietly I removed the keys and pushed the door open. It swung inwards silently. Tentatively I sniffed the air. Only one human was currently in the house, the girl. Well this would be easy I thought as I began to mount the carpet covered stairs. I could all but taste her presence now. I paused on the landing, confused. I had detected only one person in the building but I heard two voices issuing from the upstairs bedroom. One male, one female. I sniffed around again, still only the girls faint aroma was noticeable. I silently climbed the rest of the stairs and crept across the darkened landing. Cautiously I stepped through the bedroom door I saw the girl. She sat with her back to me facing a glowing computer screen. She was laughing. I looked into the screen, a boy with blonde hair sharp blue eyes and a painfully thin face stared back. I smiled at him, letting my canines flash in orange glow of the overhead lamp. His eyes widened and he began to scream at the girl to turn around, but he was to late. Adrenaline pumped through me, this was going to be fun.

“Elle, Elle, someones behind you. Please Elle look!” As the girl slowly turned to see me an expression of terror crossed her pale face. Shakily she got to her feet. Like a blur I moved over to the computer.

“Well hello Michael,” I said “Do you mind if I have a quick word with your girlfriend?” He wordlessly raged at the camera “Thats great, well I guess this is goodbye, but I'll be seeing you very shortly,” I slammed shut the laptop and spun to face the girl I now knew as Elle. She stood speechless before me. Her thin frame shaking, her oval eyes wide with panic. I motioned delicately for her to sit on the bed. She mutely obliged.

“Now Elle,” I said standing up and walking across the room to shut the door, I strode across the room until I was directly in front of her. “You see the thing is, your little arrangement with my friend Michael, well a lot of people aren't to happy about it,” She looked defiantly up into my face

“So what? We don't care what you think, can't you just leave us alone?” She made to stand up. I grabbed her wrist, forcing her to sit back down. Her dark brown eyes glazed with fear and anger.

“I'm afraid thats not possible, you see what Michael is doing is against Vampyre law,” I paced around the room. I picked up the picture from the mantelpiece and ran my fingers over the frame. “We take laws very seriously in our community, if you would just tell us where Michael is-”

“No,” Elle said standing up and taking a defiant step toward me “Its time for you to leave,” She took another purposeful stride. Anger boiled inside me, stupid humans they never cared about anything but themselves, they walk around as if they own the whole fucking planet. Contempt spread through me. The silly little girl strode towards me and my aggravation exploded. I hurled the photo across the room. As it his the wall opposite it screamed and boomed, then exploded, the wall cracked. The glass clattered like tiny daggers all over the carpet. Elle had jumped in fright at the noise and fallen back onto the floor. The bedside lamp had tipped and rolled on the clean blue carpet, smashing, little bits of glass lodged in the fluffy cotton. As Elle fell the glass drove into her. Her crimson blood was oozing, little stains of red among the endless beautiful blue.

Maliciously I began to laugh. I saw the photograph from the frame lying on the bed. I picked it up and then bent down so that my face was inches away from the curled up, bleeding sobbing girl on the floor.

“Tell me where Michael is,” I put the photograph on the floor before her and stabbed my finger on his smiling face

“I, don't er don't know,” She was still crying and kept taking huge gulps of air between every word “He never tells me, says its safer for me if I don't know,” Frustrated I stood up and turning to face the fireplace put my hands on either side of it. I let my head collapse into my chest. I was tired, hungry and angry. This girl was giving me nothing useful. I had to take her to Base. If I couldn't find Michael, I'd get Michael to find us.

“Come on,” I said turning back around and picked Elle up, it seemed the photo frame incident had released all the confusion and tiredness. She hung limp in my arms, her small frame delicate with fatigue. Pity dispelled my earlier rage. Poor girl, I thought as I carried her down the stairs, it must of smashed her entire life when she found out about us. She could no longer be ignorant, innocent and safe. She was caught up in a dangerous world. Love had dragged her there and now we were going to drag her back. Live sanguine, sanguine reddere”

The End

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