Chapter 2 - "Live in Blood, pay in Blood"Mature


 I walked along the warm streets, fresh tarmac coated the city, chemicals wafted through the morning haze and I sighed. Tomorrow was going to be messy. Vlad had asked me to track down Michael and take him to Base. I doubted this would be easy. Michael wasn't a mere changeling, he had been a vampyre for around 120 years. However because he refused blood, he was weak. Still, it would be wise to have a bleeding tonight, just in case. But who could I go to ? Feeding of Michael's girlfriend was probably not a good idea. Especially if she knew about our existence. It would take only a few seconds for her to work out why there were deep tooth marks all over her bleeding wrists.

Embroiled in my thoughts I didn't notice a girl running across the busy road, her long brown hair coming loose and swinging frantically around her thin shoulders. A car horn boomed and wheels screeched on the concrete. She hastened around the corner, just as I did the same. We walked straight into each other, knocking her frail body to the ground. I leant down to help her and gasped. It was her the same girl I fed off, the girl who I had just been thinking about. Quickly I covered my shock under a mask of embarrassed apologies.

She looked tired, huge bags lay under her weary eyes. Her make-up had been hastily applied. I looked down at her arms. The scars had already healed. This did not suprise me, the chemical we salivate when we feed acts as a quick healing balm, its a defensive mechanism more than anything else, if people wondered around with gaping canine shaped holes in there skin I doubt it would take very long for humans to figure out why. Therefore nature had given us this extra queen of hearts, as if we didn't already hold the winning hand.

Once we had both got back on our feet I handed her the books. She smiled nervously repeated her apologies and hurried away. I turned to watch her go. Did she have any idea of the messy scandal she had created ? After all wasn't our motto Live sanguine, sanguine reddere which roughly translated as “Live in blood, pay in blood”.

I reached the coffee shop where I was supposed to be meeting Vera. She sat at the table her short blonde was hair spiked up in all directions. Her legs were crossed and one hand clenched tightly around her cup of coffee. She kept glancing around nervously, her head twitching from side to side. Her wide set eyes were large and unblinking, she reminded me of a deer caught in the headlights. Its ears pricked with fright, its whole body tensed, waiting for death. I ran my hands through my long dark hair, pushing it away from my face and groaned. Reluctantly, I pulled open the coffee house's glass door and headed toward her table. She looked up as I walked toward her, and ever so slightly edged her chair further away.

Hello,” I said as I sat down in the seat opposite her. “My name is Peter, you're Vera right ?” She nodded uneasily. Lets make this quick, I thought. “Right ok, so you know what you are now right?” She nodded again, keeping her eyes fixed firmly on the wooden table. “So I'm guessing your quite confused at the moment, not really sure what your supposed to do or how this actually happened?” For the first time she raised her head slightly and met my eye. “Don't be afraid,” I said “Its a little odd at first. We all take time to adjust,”

She looked back at the table again and in an almost inaudible voice whispered “I'm starving how do I eat?” She glanced tentatively back up at me. I was rather taken aback, usually newly changed humans take at least several days before they start to crave blood. Frowning I said“Its unusual for the human dietary system to adjust so quickly, you'll find if you feed within the next couple of days your enzymes with not be able to break down the blood you take in. I would wait a week, then the human body will have been completely transformed and you can begin to feed regularly. Vera nodded and began to play nervously with her hair, clearly pondering the implications of her new found immortality. Looking down at my watch I swore and pushed my chair back from the table. Vera jerked her head upwards and frowned

Where are you going ? You haven't told me anything yet, they said you would explain,” She stood up.

Yeah sorry about this,” I apologised “I've got important business to see to, read this before I see you again,” I reached into my bag and retrieved a plain blue book, throwing it on the table I saidIt goes through everything very carefully and clearly. See you later Vera,” She began to protest but I walked quickly out of the cafe and started off down the crowded city streets.

Fucking hell, I thought as I reached the lights, changelings aren't half needy nowadays. When I changed there was no instruction book, no friendly vamp to hold your hand. It was every Vampyre for themselves, adjust or die. Vera wasn't a special case, she was an accident. It was the usual story, some jumped up little changeling took on more than they could handle and killed her. The penalty for killing someone by over bleeding was harsh. So the instant reaction is to change the human you've killed and claim you've transformed them because you think they would be an asset to the “Vampyre community”. This is of course bullshit, but the little idiots always got away with it. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out. I answered, it was Vlad.

Mate, I've secured the info we got from the little blond we spoke to yesterday, Micheal will be back tomorrow,”

Tomorrow,” I repeated “I'm thinking the first place he will go is his little human friend's place, I'll trace him there and then trap him and transport him to Base,”

I'm fine whatever you do Peter, just get him to me by tomorrow, its not just his head on the chopping block now,” Vlad sounded nervous, this worried me, Vlad never got nervous.

“What do you mean?” I asked hesitantly. The lights went green and I strode across the busy road.

“Some senior people have heard about this mess and they aren't happy. If we don't get this sorted we may be implicated as well, so you make sure you keep this quiet and clean, and remember 'Live sanguine, sanguine reddere' ok?” Vlad was seeking reassurance I couldn't give him. I sighed. 

“Ok,” I flipped my phone shut. I had to prepare for tomorrow. Now, where could a guy like me get a decent meal around here?

The End

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