Dancing with CrowsMature

Blood on the floor, blood on her arm, blood on the photograph. Its against the rules, its not right. But its happening and now its your responsibility to clean it up.
Peter is a Vampyre he tries to stay out of trouble, he keeps his head down. He cleans up his own mess which is usual other peoples blood. But one day he notices something that threatens his perfect hiding place and theres no going back.


I extracted my teeth from the vein of the girls arm, grabbed a tissue from the bedside table and proceeded to wipe the remaining gore from my gums. I licked my teeth, the blood was still warm and tingling inside me. I smiled as heat spread through me. As my canines began to withdraw back up into the roof of my mouth I went to the bathroom and fetched a flannel from the side of the sink. Carefully I rinsed it with warm water.

Returning to the bedroom I glanced up at the walls. Moving as silently as I could I walked slowly around the room. As I passed the mantelpiece a picture caught my eye, suspicion stabbed at me and I edged closer. The face in the frame became clearer. No, surely it couldn't be. The blonde hair, the painful thinness and the eyes, no human had eyes like that. Anger boiled in my stomach. Was it really him ? Adrenaline pumped through my now bursting veins. I was wrong, it couldn't be him. The girl's blood screamed inside me. The eyes weren't human.

Forgetting the bleeding girl in the bed beside me, I dived out of the window and began to sprint down the darkened streets. Streetlights flashed by and the merry screams of saturday night revellers smashed through my ears. A group of drunk women staggered and fell about the dark alleyways. I smelt there rancid perfume, alcohol and sweat covered them. I ran past, flying with the energy the new blood had given me, cool wind whipped my dark hair around my eyes. I almost didn't realize when I reached the corner of Harper Street. I stopped swiftly and began to search for the entrance. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I flipped it over, a text from Vlad,

I'll let you in

The steps leading up to the derelict house slid backwards, revealing a familiar trap door. Which slapped open. Music emanated from the reddy black smoke. I hesitated for one moment, then slipped down the ladder propped against the wall. Vlad met me at the bottom. The music began to swell with large distorted chords, all the smoke floating in the darkness made it difficult to see. I began to cough and squint.

“Lets go into the back room Peter,” Vlad whispered into my ear “We can talk there,” His hand grasped mine and lead me through the maze of smoke and dark figures to a door, right at the back of base. He withdrew some keys from his pockets and carefully unlocked the many bolts and chains. Eventually the door opened into a familiar room, freshly painted. The sudden white of the walls, ceiling and the floor assaulted my eyes and I nearly fell.

“Steady Peter,” Vlad said re-bolting the door and moving to face me “You've been over doing it a bit tonight mate, your eyes are fucked, sit down,” He pushed me onto a dark leather sofa and un corked some rather dodgy looking champagne. He motioned toward me, I shook my head and looked around the room, then remembering the haze in the adjacent room I asked

“Whats with all the smoke?” Vlad looked up and grimaced

“Junkies night, they go crazy if they don't get there smokes,” I frowned, I didn't understand junkies, they chose not to feed, so they plug the craving with something else, for most thats enormous amounts of tobacco or alcohol, some do recreational drugs, it varies. Vlad had obviously read my expression

“Don't judge mate, at least there not killing people, talking of which, have you killed someone?” This rather abrupt question threw me for a second. I slowly shook my head.

“Thank god,” Vlad sighed “I thought since you seemed so jittery you might have accidentally over bled,”

A frown once again appeared on Vlad's face “So why did you want to talk to me?” The picture on the mantelpiece flashed into my head. I stood up, and began running my hands through my hair and I paced the room. Vlad just watched from the couch occasionally taking a swig out of the bottle and placing back on the side board. Eventually I asked

“Vlad, what if you see something you know is wrong, I mean you know its against the rules-,” Vlad looked up suddenly weary “But you don't know if it actually is,” I looked away not sure how to explain

“What have you seen that you thought was against the rules?” He stood up to stand in front of me and put his hands on my shoulders. “Calm down, and start from the beginning,”

Vlad sat back down. I sighed and began.

“For the last couple of months I've been feeding of this girl, she is a deep sleeper and fairly easy to get to. Most of the time its just a quick in and out every couple of days around 2am. But last week when I had to go away on that thing. I couldn't find a suitable donnor. So I starved myself. By the time I got back this evening I was wrecked. So I went over to hers when she was asleep and filled myself up,” Vlad raised an eyebrow, I knew what he meant “Don't worry I didn't take to much she'll live, but a couple of minutes after, I was cleaning up, I spotted something, on her mantelpiece, a photo,” I hesitated, should I tell Vlad, could I trust him ? I glanced over, he was sat there waiting patiently. I dived back in.

“I saw Michael in the photo, he had his arms around her,” In a flash Vlad was by my side

“Are you sure it was him, could they be related?”

“I'm pretty sure they're not, the words “My Boyfriend” were written on top of the frame”

Vlad had gone red, I could feel his mood dipping and growing, he was getting angry.

“But Michael is changed, it is forbidden to have relationships with humans, how dare he!” Vlad hurled the empty bottle across the room where it smashed through the wall. The music stopped and people began to peer through the gap. Vlad stormed through the door and slammed his fist on the house lights switch, people groaned as the cutting brightness hit them, but they didn't say anything, Vlad's anger radiated from him.

“WHERE IS MICHEAL CAPIN?” He shouted “WHERE IS HE?” A small blonde changeling quietly murmured

“I heard Michael is out of town on a job, he won't be back until the day after tomorrow,” Vlad scowled and in a menacing whisper said

“If anyone sees him, tell him Vlad wants a word,”

The End

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