Dancing on the Music of Broken Pieces

Tobias is a teenage boy who has lost his memory in a fatal car accident. Lost in an unfamiliar life of which he has no recollection of, the only thing that seems to make any sense for him at all is music. Eventually the music guides him into discovering the exhilarating and up-lifting world of dance. While learning forbidden and scandalous Salsa dancing, Tobias is also faced with learning about a complete stranger...himself.

"My name is Tobias."  This is the only thing I know about myself.  The one thing I can remember out of much of nothing, really.  That isn't even true, actually.  My name is printed neatly on the inside of the palm of my hand, least I forget it, which is often.  Now is a good example: I am standing nerviously at the door that has "Malena's Latino School of Dance" painted above the doorframe in unnerving bright pastel colors, repeating my name over and over again under my breath, like an idiot.  I pray that someone will walk out the door, leaving it open, so I can slip inside and not have to open it myself.  No such luck. 

From beyond the door, the spicy rythem of Rumba music can be heard, and a female instructor's commanding voice carrying loudly over the music, delivering instructions.  My whole body feels like jelly.  My mind wonders exactly why am I here?  I don't have an answer.  Ever since the Accident, it seems I'm made up entirely of questions with no answers.  Why...?  Why not?

The End

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