Dances at MidnightMature

            He shook his head without a word, reaching into his pocket for his ID card. I pursed my lips to hide a smile as I filled the cardboard cup with steaming coffee; I'd never seen a Bot so utterly clueless. He was roughly as intimidating as a kitten. It was kind of endearing.

            I snapped a plastic lid over the cup's top and traded it for Theo's ID card. Before sliding it through the scanner, I gave it a once over. Bot ID cards looked near identical to a civilian one, with a picture of their face with their name written beside it in neat block text. Under it was their production number, right where most people would have their birth date. I ran my thumb over the thick stripe of black toward the bottom, indicating his job as a law enforcer.

            I cleared my throat, ears burning as I became more and more aware of his eyes boring in to me. With a flick of my wrist I swiped it through the scanner and handed it back to him, not meeting his gaze, instead focusing on the deep tan of his nose. It was accented with freckles. Cute.

            "Thank you," he said, pausing only for a moment before adding, "Mary."

            I almost asked him how he knew my name, but then I remembered that pin to the front of my shirt was a name tag. Instead I simply said, "Don't be a stranger, Mr. Novray."

            His face grew a shade redder and his eyes widened. "Call me Theo, please," he choked out. There was a long moment of hesitation, his constricted pupils darting around as if he was trying to remember something he forgot, before he said, "ma'am."

            To keep himself from getting even more embarrassed, he turned on his heel and stormed to his partner at a militaristically brisk pace. I tried my best to hide a giggle behind a hand, succeeding only to make a few snorting sounds. Once the fit passed I wiped my palms on my dark skirt and then ran my fingers through my hair, to regain my composer.

            Lola slipped in beside me, leaning down to press her shoulder to mine. Mouth close to my ear, breath tickling my ear, she whispered, "He's a cutie, isn't he?"

            I bit my lip to force a stupid grin off my face. My stomach flipped at the idea, my whole body tingling and my heart racing. "Yeah," I replied. "Definitely." My voice was soft and breathless. Part with disbelief, part with horror, part with absolute amazement.

            I had a crush on a Bot, one of the most horrifying creations on the planet.

The End

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