Mina and Marco keep on practicing for tommorrow's showMature

so his hands wander, down my back, lower, and over my arse. sending pulses through me, as he gently gives me a squeeze. i let out a moan as we kiss deeper. oh my god, im thinking, i have secretly wanted this since i first laid eyes on him. i lean into him, our bodies touching in all the right parts. he gives a moan and gently bites my lip. then pulls away.

'oh honey' he laughs and shakes his head.

'yeah' i smile feeling myself blush as he just looks at me.

' your good,  very good' he sighs

'but we are here to work' my heart drops as he says these words.

he turns to the mirror, 'right from the top' he says looking at me in the mirror,

'show me what you've got' and he raises his eyebrows at me.

instigating for me to move, so i move, but not in the way that he wants. i pick my dance top off the floor and head for the door, not daring to look up.

'hey, were you going' he shouts,

'wait , dont go,'

but i carry on walking. cant beleive that just happened. so close and yet so far apart.

'please, wait' he says again. i stop and hang my head down low. not even bothering to turn around. feeling my heart beating faster than ever. its now or never i think to myself. if he dont want me now then i just aint gona bother. I have wasted my time before, playing a game that I didn't want to play. Am not gona do that any more.

He walks over to me, and i swear i can feel him close, hear him breath even. suddenly its so quiet in here, you could hear a pin drop never mind my heart beat.

' ts not that i dont want you, it's just...' and he trails off as he reaches out and holds my hand.

 he pulls me around to face him, but i still can't look at him in the face. I daren't look him in the eyes.

he sighs. 'its just that, well..'

my heart skips a beat.

'hey, look at me please' he says lifting my chin up to face him.

' i have felt this for a while now, ' he breathes deeply again and i wait for the but.

'but, relationships and well, they er kinda dont work do they?' he asks.

i look up at him directly in the eyes. how do i know, i think, i don't fall for everyone i dance with i think.

i dont say a word and it seems like ages,but its only seconds as his eyes search mine, looking for some sort of meaning. i sigh.

and then he pulls me to him and kisses me deeply again, hard on the mouth.i fall into him, my mind suddenly clear of all things except his kiss. wanting his touch all the more.

he groans as his arms wrap round me, holding me tight.

then he stops and looks at me, 'lets call it a night, eh?.as he kisses the tip of my nose.

im just about to protest, dont do this to me again as he takes my hand and pulls me towards him leading me out the door.

'lets go and get a coffee at my place, we can carry on there' and he winks as we both skip out of the door.

The End

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