Dance with the Devil

A fatal dance with the devil, but which one is it?

He saw her acorss the sea of people.
Standing alone; Shy and uncertain.
She glanced at him with a slight smile.
He felt his heart surge with new found joy.
He wanted to run to over there and sweep her into his embrace. But he new he couldn't.
He looked at the floor, thinking about his next move. He knew he wanted her to be his forever, but he also knew that the love would be forbidden.
He didn't care, he walked over to her.

"Hello, I'm Stefen." He said
He took her hand in his and gently kissed it.
"Ellenoire." she replied smiling at where his lips had been.
"Would you like to dance?"
"I would love to dance with you, Stefen.
He took her hand and led her onto the dance floor.
As they were dancing, he couldn't help but look into her thoughts.

He makes me feel like the only one
In this unruly sea of people
So many beautiful women
But he chose me to dance
So handsome. No, so beautiful
He's the picture of perfection
He releases butterflies in my stomach
And makes me walk on air
Oh, this will be a wonderful romance

He stared into her shimmering blue eyes.
Feeling a wisp of her bright auburn hair, bright as a flame, tickle his hand.
He couldn't believe this angel was thinking the same thoughts as him. He peeked again.

This beautiful gift. To good to be human.
I know exactly what he is...

Stefen looked at her in horror. She couldn't possibly know his secret. Nobody knew. He listened on.

Yes, that's what he is. Heaven. He is the wonderful paradise incarnate.
I feel so lucky being in his embrace. Dancing to my favorite song. From now on this will be our song.

He looked at her with loving eyes.
She was so elegant, beautiful, fragile.
I wonder how lond it would take to snap her neck As the thoguht passed through him, he trembled. It was as if it came out of the blackness. Out of the closets of his mind.
He could hardly believe what had happened.
The song ended and they parted reluctantly.
They wen't back to the different groups and led the rest of the night alone.
The band announced that they would be playing the last song. Stefen hadn't had a terrible thought about Ellenoire since the first, so he decided to ask her for one more dance. He crossed the sea of people once more and ended in front of his beautiful angel.

"Miss Ellenoire, would you once again grace me with a dance?" he asked her.
"Of course, Stefen. I'd be delighted." she replied
They got out on to the dance floor. Dancing to the slow dance she had claimed as theirs.
He pulse so slow, regular. Echoing in my ears, screaming at me to draw nearer and pierce it.
He mentally slapped himself as the thought occured. He couldn't believe himself. It seemed that every time he held her, he thoguht of cruel ways to destroy her. Someone so beautiful, so innocent, so...angelic.

"Angelic, Stefen?" A familar voice invaded his thoughts.
"You think I'm an angel. How very sweet of you. Though it seems contridictory to the thoughts you're having. You naughty little boy."
He looked into the eyes of the beautiful girl he was holding. But it seemed to be a different girl. She looked like his angel, exactly like her, but the face seemed to have an underlying menace. A slight smile came acorss the beautifully sculpted lips. Confusion clouded his eyes and still she smiled. Not saying a word, whether aloud or in his mind.
He tipped up slighty to bring her beautiful lips to his.
At that moment he knew she wasn't the angel he had fallen in love with, but something much more sinister.
As he finished the thought, he dropped to the floor. The song and dance ended with the thump of his body. Everyone seemed scared and startled. Everyone but one.

When Ellenoire was questioned about his death she simply said, "Something took his breath away."

The End

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