Dance with Darcie.


Whats the point in living when the only point in living is you only friend?

Emi, of course I'm talking about Emi! Her parents took me in when I was just 3, right after my mum died. I don't know what happened that night. All I remember was being taken to Emi's house with nothing put my teddy. It was my mums teddy.

I moved from Emi's house last year into a kids home. I don't mind it there. But the meals are gross. Crystal a girl who lives there is mean, but nice to me. She hates Emi, and keeps muttering, 'taking our from my grasp!'

I don't know why I'm alive, like I said. Whats the point in living. All I want is my mum back and I don't know how to get along in life without her. Emi has pulled me from the darkness and hate, and brought me light and love.

Crystal is OK, but she is not Emi, and she is mean to everyone in the Care Home. She's tall and pretty and I don't know why she hangs out with a Emo loser like me. I suppose she is a bit mean to me too, 'cause she never stops me from cutting myself when and when I'm sad she just tell's me to get over it.

How can I? All I think about every night is 'what happened the night of my mothers death?' I can't remember ANYTHING. I have crazy theories about the govornment and aliens, or wild bears and wolves. But it still doesn't make sense.

So, yeah, this is me: The Life Hater


The End

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