‘Okay, let’s run through it one more time Amina, we really need to be on form, this routine needs to be tight and explosive, and I wanna add in a certain move that I picked up at San Torino Club on Tuesday, if that’s okay with you?’ he uttered in slight irritation. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Recently Marco was becoming more demanding of our routines and our rehearsals. Even with me, he seems to get frustrated and pissed off more and more easily; it’s as if my ‘performance’ isn’t good enough for him. ‘It depends…how d’you mean ‘a certain move’? You know we can’t do anything drastic Marco, this is all kicking off tomorrow and…’ ‘Yes,’ he stifled, cutting me off with a simple raised hand, ‘yes, of course Amina, I know that. Just go with me on this okay?’ he pleaded with a sigh. I was already sitting down, after we’d gone from an open break, to my hip turn which was two counts too early (on his part), causing me to slip on my fifth turn resulting in an improvised drop catch, where I almost hit the floor. It was a really heart stopping ten seconds. I looked at him with uncertainty and he saw it. ‘Oh c’mon Mina, have I ever not been there to catch you?’ he said with a wink. He had a good point, but still after what’d just happened, I was uneasy. ‘MmmM….do I have to?’ I moaned. He smiled that cheeky smile of his, tilting his head and then putting his hand out. ‘C’mon, you’re gonna LOVE it! I promise’ he exclaimed with joy and slight relief at the notion that he wouldn’t have to talk me round. ‘Oww, Okay, but I’m telling you Marco…if I don’t love it, the mojitos and Atoles are on you, deal?’ I bargained. After all, you never can tell. I mean once he said that I’d ‘LOVE’ the rompope at Club Santana …and I ended up vomiting at 10 minute intervals for the next two hours, and retching for 30 minutes after that. Like I say, you never can tell. ‘And what do I get if you do love it?’ he asked coyly. I thought about it, it’s best to be mysterious but sumptuously sexual with Marco when he gets like this. ‘Something I’ve never done for you before,’ if the raised eyebrows and look of amusement followed by what appeared to be a fantasy were anything to go by, I had him where I wanted him…he was intrigued! ‘Will a strip – tease do?’ I said with an innocent tone and then a wink. ‘I…er…think that’ll do, yeah’ he said, pulling me close. His arms around my waist, my arms hugging his chest and a feeling of romance in my heart, and a look of simmering seduction in his eyes. A slow rocking from side to side, and a swaying of heads getting closer with every dropping bead of sweat. His eyes luring me to him, my body teasing his. He looks at me, I look at him, and then a swift movement and we’re kissing. Just like that. Sweet, sugar – coated candy, that’s what he tastes like. He smells like old, smoked pinewood, with secondary traces of sweat and even farther whiffs of Tr!Cks, the cologne I bought for him not so long ago. A soft caress of my hair and his hands clutching at my back and sliding down, down, down…

The End

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